My dream is to live with my Ukrainian woman to love her, respect her, offer her everything I have. Let’s try Aliona. I’m interested in her. But she has to come here and see for herself that luck, thanks to liubov, has given her life meaning.
She is beautiful, young, but she needs a wealthy, handsome and intelligent man to live well.
I’m waiting for her with open arms.Today for an Italian woman it is almost impossible to live in a beautiful house like mine, for a woman Ukraine is unimaginable. There are those who after 30 years of hard work live in a small apartment. The Ukrainian woman (Lina or Karolina) can live in a villa with me after 1 day. Now that you have seen the videos, you must understand that you cannot live with me just any wo ... Read more »

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One more thing dear Lyubov.
A person must also think about old age. Will these women have a pension to live on when they are old? Or are they thinking of wearing stilettos at 60 or short skirts? They would be ridiculous of course. When I finish working, I can live my life with my work pension. So I won’t have any problems. And it’s terrible to have problems when you’re old! They live without thinking about tomorrow. Who doesn’t have a strategy will never have a future. I am very sad to have met such poor women, but unable to open their eyes, to use common sense, to look at life in its complexity. Life is unpredictable. Health is not forever. Difficulties will happen to everyone. But if a person does not have a family, cultural and economi ... Read more »

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Luda, you have been able to see directly with your own eyes my videos of my home, where I live, and where my next woman will live. Lina has seen the same videos. Everyone is free to make their own choices in life. If it is not enough for Lina, it is right for her to choose something else. I can offer this life to my woman. Where? In Italy. I really like this life. If it is not Lina if it is not Linalla, there will surely be a woman who will appreciate my life plan and will want to share it with me with enthusiasm, devotion and quickly.

Many Italian women would like to live with me in this house, but I must be happy with a special woman that I have not yet met. For this reason I continue my quest that will end the day I meet my soul mate.You Sent me some photo& ... Read more »

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Dear liubov, if it doesn't work out with Alina, you will find another person. I have other friends of mine who, after my engagement, may be interested in doing something with you.
But they want to be sure and see how it works for me.

I want to have WhatsApp numbers for at least 2 of the ladies that I sent you before I send you any money.
   I am not convinced that the ladies on your site are real- you will have to prove to me that they are.   
  You send me beautiful photos but you did not send me their profile numbers on the dating site.
     I will not send money to anyone  until I am convinced they are real and not a scam

But I want to trust you.
It would be easy a ... Read more »

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