Angelina good evening.  Your mobile number was sent to me by Lyuba. I am Italian. I live 70km from Rome. You’re a very interesting person. I was very impressed by your elegance. I love real, real, honest people. I’d like to get to know you better if you want to, of course. I’m a very polite man. I can deal with a woman. I hate vulgarity. I am single and I want to write on stone a beautiful, healthy and lasting relationship. It will take time to get to know each other better. But the 10 km journey always begins with the first step. I will always have respect for you whatever the destiny that will characterize our encounter.
Have a nice day.
With deep and sincere respect.In which city does Angelina live now? How come she speaks all the ... Read more »

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I do not think, without presumption, it is with much humility, that a woman (that you can really help by letting her enter my life or a decent man other than me) may be unlucky to live in Italy in a villa with garden and spend a month by the sea in a beautiful house 50 meters from the beach in a beautiful location.

I can meet both your women, but you have to tell me how much money you want because it’s more of a courtesy to you.
I’m sending you the video of my beach house.
I need a queen by my side. To live next to an elegant man you need to have style.
Living in a context of educated, wealthy people is not easy.
Vulgarity and bad taste are not appreciated.

If she’s interested in me, then you give me her ... Read more »

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Good morning. I repeat that from those 3 photos I had a good feeling about that woman, but I kindly asked you to see more photos of her. Recent. Real. Don’t touch it up. Let’s do something different from the past. Is she in love with me or is she yet another arrogant Ukrainian woman I have to endure? You didn’t even tell me her name. As long as I do not receive what I have repeatedly requested, I will not make any payments. Today everything here is closed. It is Sunday. It depends on you. , forget it. Tell me if it’s when this lady comes to Italy to meet me. Which city in France is she in? Answer me everything. Do not give me incomplete and partial answers.
want to have WhatsApp numbers for at least 2 of the ladies that I sent you before& ... Read more »

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