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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client

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This letter from our Italian client.

´"We in Italy are very civil, but we are not fools.

If the women you introduced me were serious people, they would walk to my house.

But the opposite has happened.

I no longer move for any Ukrainian woman, of whom I have a bad judgment, after having had useless and shabby experiences with you and with other agencies.

If a Ukrainian woman, whom I like, wants to meet me, she comes to Italy.

I can only pay for the ticket after seeing her passport.

Otherwise, I don’t care.

Meanwhile 6 million Ukrainians are without electricity and your country is so full of debts that soon it will no longer exist or will weigh as an African country.

Everyone chooses what to do in life, where to be and with whom to be."

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 In our agency soon will be a great event-Engagement. Our client from Italia Marco will engage with  the client of our agenc  Anna- Their roud to this event was long and not easy. Maybe later they will write to us a chapter of this roud.  But finally   we have a happy result. The engagement will be not far from the place which you can see in this photo. We are invited already and we will publish some photos if they will give us the permition to do this.

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 Dear Friends!  

Our Matchmaking agency "Love" propose  10 Lessons of English for free our our clients. To know English in our days It is very important.If you want to find your half in the foreigne country you  must to speak English. That Is why we  want to our clients to learn this language. The main thing is to start. Start with us and you will do the first step.

 Everybody who is interested- write to us and we will answer to with all details. We are waiting for you.


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War in Ukraine, but the life continues her run. the people fall in love and this feeling help the people to servive. Our couple travel together in order to know each other before the marriage. some photos we can publish from their trips

Look  dear friends what very interesting restaurant my clients visited. It is in Portugal.

Those photos are made not far from Geneve.

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You can ask me why  this video here, in my Introduction site?  I will answer  you.  Millions of Ukrainian ladies are now in Europe. Some of them found the job and work there. Some have the possibility do not work and they have the possibily to improve themself and to learn something new. it is just the case of Rita. Now she lives in Spain and try to learn how to make the film.

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Is it better to love and lost than to never have loved at all? Are the words from the poets of the past true? Or does the pain of a love that is lost outweigh the joys of the love that once thrived? My heart indeed was broken and neither the riches of a prince nor the faith that can move mountains can heal this lonely heart. But I will not allow this sadness turn my heart to stone. 

The tides of the ocean with its onrushing salty waters cast the shells upon the shore devouring all that dare to resist. But yet the ocean waters do recede leaving in its wake regenerated sandy beaches to be warmed by the shining sun.

So how can this broken heart be mended? Only by love. For without love I have nothing. But the hope of love, the thought of love will endure forever. And like the endless tides of the seven seas, love will return to mend my broken heart.

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People need love. Even war in Ukraine now, men are not afraid, they come to Ukraine in order to find dream lady. In this photo and video you can see the date of my client who came from Australia and my client who lives in Kiev. She has a possibilyty to go to Europe, but she stays in Kiev and works here like a volunteer. The date was in very beautiful restaurant in romantic atmosphere. They liked each other and we will see what will hapoen later.

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 Better one time to see then ten times to read. Look to this happy couple. they are married thanks for us. If you are alone, as soon the war will finish -come to our agency. Here you alsi will find your destiny like Tania and Jacky.

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In our Marriage agency "Love" love is always! 

Only look those photos and you will see yourself.

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 We are glad to present our happy couple Tania and Jacky..They are married already thanks for aour Marriage agency "Love"It is so nice to know that the people are in love and happy. Tania and Jacky gave us the permission to publish their photos in our site. What we do with a preat pleasure.

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 They are married. They met eash other in our agency. he is from France, she is from Kiev. They are very happy. They live in Paris.

 We are glad that could to helpto those people to find each other.

Tania and Jacky.

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Love cannot be without suffering, and It is better that suffering without love

"I start crying  .

Because your hardness and coldness..

But remember that all the bad that we make ,will return to us.

God sees everything, Yuliia.. 

And God sees my sadness and sorrow that you are giving me,the empty your past promises to come to me..

And He knows what to do..

Nobody can escape from God..remember this. 

You too can't escape from Him.


I wish you good luck and to find a man better than me 

But It will be difficult .

Meantime I ask my God to help me to make me forget about you." - this is a letter from my client Roberto.

But the most what is interesting- that now they are together!

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 I want to write my thoughts on how much you said and on your person.  Regarding your words 'you did everything for your pleasure': dear Lina I don't need to go to certain restaurants, because I frequent them regularly, I don't need to buy apartments because I already have them and because I live alone, I I don't need to show you the east and west parts of this city because I know it, I don't need to visit photo exhibitions because I've already visited them, I don't need a babysitter and I don't need to buy anything , and I don't need to finance other people's lives, and I can finance mine.  Consequently, if I did all this, it was for the pleasure of your company.  This was enough for me, mainl ... Read more »

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 To find your dream lady it is not easy and It is takes time.So I agree with you that it might take time. How much you do not know!

So if you have to introduce me to some women, who must first of all be really beautiful and reliable and without asking you to want to get pregnant, my parameters are always these:

Age 34/48

Aktezza 166/180

Slim build

Skinny physique

Hair color indifferent

Straight hair

Eyes color indifferent

Sine 2/4 measure

Children under age 1 maximum if living with mamna

Children of age if they don’t live with her

Tattoos as long as they are small

Piercing as long as it is small 

I smoke only if not habitual

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 Good morning. Buy a shirt, a tie, a pair of shoes.. is a simple choice. Buy a more complicated car. Buy an even more challenging house. But if a man (like me) is looking for his soul mate this quest is certainly very fascinating but equally important.. In fact until today it has not been difficult for me to have many casual relationships, but since 2008 year of divorce with my ex-wife, only a cohabitation lasted almost 4 years with a beautiful Italian woman, It ended badly for both of us because she wanted a child from me and I absolutely didn’t. Later she had a child with a man, of which she is not in love, and I remained single (despite many suitors) traveling a lot and having very short stories with different women.

So I agree with you that it m ... Read more »

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Liubov I would not have looked for anything else if things had gone differently with you. I am a determined man and I will have what I want. I want to see what others propose and then I will make my best choice. Or I will make no choice. Surely if I choose a person she will be very happy with me. One thing is certain : I will not be treated badly by any woman and if I see the squalor as among your customers, their arrogance, the claim to feel important (when they are not really anyone!) I definitely close. I will never go to any foreign country to meet a refugee wife. If you want to come here to Italy to meet me, I’ll send you a plane ticket and host you at my house. If she’s not okay with it, she better stay and be a refugee, because I’m not moving ... Read more »

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