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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client


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Dear Friends! Our Matchmaking agency “Love” propose you the service of our driver. His name is Yura. In those photos you can see his car and in video you can see Yura. He is one of the best driver of Kiev. And also he speaks good English.
If you come for the first time in Ukraine and you wants to see our country- Yura can drive you in any place of our country. He can show you the most interesting places and be your guide. He has a big experience in this and also he graduated the University and now the history and can tell you many interesting thing about our country.
Also you can make a little excursion around Kiev. We recommend you to visit Museum of Folk Architecture and life, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, St. Volodymyr Cathedral, St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael Golden Domed Cathedral-one of the most picturesque, hospitable Christian monasteries of Kiev.
Of course those excursions is better to do with your loved lady, not alone. So, first you come to our age ... Read more »

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 Love... Tania and Jacky met each other in our Matchmaking agency  "Love". It was love from the first  look and soon they were already married.

All people who is seeking true love is like abandoned kids who still waiting to be adopted and loved for how they are....everyone avoiding pain, discomfort and seeking pleasures only..choosing not with heart but with mind. Hope you can understand.. There is no situation which can not be resolved, with patience and love in heart. And only death is the final that we can not change...

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A notre agence Il y a beaucoup  de femmes  charmante.. Une de ces femmes c'est notre Cristina. Nous voulons la presenter a vous. Cest une femme seureuse et responsable. Elle  est a la reshershe d'un homme pour le mariage.

"Je suis une femme gentille, compatissante et attentionnée, mon passe-temps est le sport (surtout j'aime courir), j'aime cuisiner, essayer différentes cuisinesі.

J'aime sortir avec des amis en pique-nique, j'aime danser, lire, je rêve de rencontrer un homme sérieux, gentil et honnête pour qu'il souhaite fonder une famille, je veux partager ma vie avec lui.

Je pense que de vraies relations peuvent être construites sur la confiance, la compréhension mutuelle et des compromis.

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 Those photos were sent by our favorite client from Monaco. Monaco is a very special place, very beautiful place and our client time from time send us some photos. We are glad to publish those photos in order that you can see the beauty of Monaco and enjoy.

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 Autumn is the best time for wedding. It was tradition to have wedding in this time of year in our country. The works in the fields are finished already, the weather is still warm, the   there are a lot of food in the  period of year . Of course, the times are changed now. For our weddings the food is all years round, but 100 years ago  the situation was another. 

 But tradition to have wedding in Autumn is still the same.

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In those photos we present you our driver Yura and his car. 

Dear men! If you want the security and English speaking driver we recommend you our driver Yura. He knows his ob very well.  He is kind and very responsible in his work.

 Yura  is  educated man { He graduated from the University}. He speaks very good English and he is very good driver. 

 If you come in Kiev yura will be happy to meet you in the airport with his  charming smile and he is ready to work with you any time of day or ni ... Read more »

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 Yesterday was a big party of marriage minded people in Kiev. Many men from all the world came to this Party. And many ladies from all Ukrainian cities  came to this Party in order to find the destiny. And some of them , we are sure, will find. 

 Those Parties became very popular in Ukraine. Thanks for those Parties many men from many countries met the destiny in Ukraine.. We are sure that will be marriages this time also,

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Our new client from France came today in our agency.  He lives in the South of France and ,of course, he do not like the cold weather. But just for him today the weather  is changed from cool to warm. 

 We were sitting  at fresh air in the restaurant in the center of Kiev and we really   enjoyed the good weather and good conversation:she ,he and me. 

 The date did not give the good result yet, but it is only first  date. Not easy to know the people each other from the first meeting- diffe ... Read more »

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We are glad that in our Matchmaking agency  “Love” will be one more marriage. We gave the hope. It is not decided yet. But as a ruler, after so romantic dates in so romantic places and after spending the vacantions together the people decide to be together. In this case, we are sure, will be marriage.

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 A very romantic date we had in our agency yesterday. This our couple has very interesting love story. We have the hope that they will write to us after marriage.But when will be the marriage? It is secret for now.

 We hope that the good news about their marriage we will know soon.

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When a man is in love he can do a lot for her loved woman. Our client from Italia Roberto wrote a song for his loved woman.

Our client from Italia Roberto found a charming girl in our agency and fall in love. One day he will  be martied with her. But now she wants to send this song to her throughr our agency. Very nice that in our Matchmaking agency “Love” our clients fall in love. Love It is the best feelings. Without love the life is empty.

Dear friends! If you are looking for real love abd you want to find your destiny- you are welcome to our agency and we will find you to meet the love of your life. 

 We  work for you!

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 Today in this cold Autumn evening in our agency was so warm date. This couple liked each other from the first look. 

 Two alone souls met each other. We do not know what will be later , but we can say only one thing -" Love from the first look can be".

 He was looking for her longtime and she was waiting for him also for a long time.  t

The main thing that they liked each other. only one problem they have-tomorrow he has to go home in his country- he has to work. But she will come to his country and they will continue their relationships. And maybe  one more beautiful love story will be publish in our site.

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  WE are proud of our new client Viktoria. Ukrainian women are in the best in the world1. We are sure of this. That is why many men from all world come  Ukraine to find the future wife. We worked 20 years already and during those years we arranged many marriages in many countries. As a ruler those marriages are happy.

 But between our ladies sometimes we can meet a very special lady - like Victoria. And we want to write about her in our site, because she is very special. 

Victoria is very well educated, from  happy family with  old Ukrainian traditions. She was not married and has no children. Victoria is very  serious about future marriage.

 Look at her eyes and you can read a lot about her spiritua ... Read more »

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This is our favorite client Julia. She is a teacher. She was born in the East of Ukraine,but now there war. She had to leave her home and she came to Kiev in order to survive.

Oh, so difficult to survive in a big sity if you come alone without family, friends and without home and money. Even you are young and had the profession. But Julia survived. She start her small business . She became make up artist. Now she has home, money and respect of clients. Only one thing us not good-she us alone. That why she is here. She had the hope to find a man of her dream. We are sure,one day it will happen. We will help her with this.

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 Sorry for photo- photo is not good, but the new couple is very nice.

He is from Italia and he was looking for her longtime. He met a lot of girls, but not even one could take his heart.

 Now he is in love, but a little problem- she is not in a hurry to give him her heart. She think that  they have to know each other well before make the serious decision. she is from old tradition family. 

He is ready to wait for her as longtime as she need. He is sure that one day she will say to him"Yes" and in our agency will be one more wedding.


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Today we want to show you more photos of the Independence Day of Ukraine. This day people wear typical clothes, it is hand embroidered clothes and it is called Vishivanka. This day there are many happy people in the streets celebrating a very important day for Ukraine and for the people living in Ukraine.

Welcome to Ukraine!

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Very romantic date was yesterday in our agency. Two romantic souls  met finally each other.

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