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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client

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Look what nice words wrote our client from Italia. “I M HAPPYEST, NOT HAPPY”

In order to read those words how many energy , time you need to spend before you help your client to meet his dream girl and he will write those so sweet words. Even covid, even  war- the people need love and they want to be happy.

 And we are working for this.

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Luda, some time ago I organized my life so that I could live without having to work for 7/10 years. In the last few months I have been in France, in Holland, in Spain, I will soon go to Slovenia. I live in Italy in a beautiful house. My friends tell me that I’m lucky because they can’t live my life and I’m with Italian women who often don’t love anymore for years. A Ukrainian or Russian woman o.. must give me 4 things: beauty, youth, fidelity, cooking. If there are no such situations you can not do anything for them. There is no need for a foreign woman because here is full for the weekend. Why are Ukrainian women only beautiful in photos, but in real life they are not beautiful?

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Letter from our client:

"They are in Rome at the airport. Destination Madrid and then Valladolid, also Spain. After so many different acquaintances I realized that for me it is better to have a woman (35/46 years) without children (maybe because he does not want them or because he is willing to give them up to be with a man like me) or a woman who has children (the number does not matter, as long as they do not live with her or are adults). I have two grown children who don’t live with me, so there’s no point living with a woman with underage children. I have my own space now, even with my children, I have my freedom. Of course if she should have children and they whenever they want, they will surely be welcome guests, as happens to my childre ... Read more »

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Letter from our client:

"Do you remember that beautiful blonde tall girl I sent you that picture of? She was from another agency. Her name is A. She told the agency today that she doesn’t like me. So everyone has their tastes. That’s normal. She is a refugee with a small daughter, but she wants (legitimately on her part) a man much more beautiful than me, very rich who makes a comfortable life for her and her daughter. I don’t think it’s very easy. I, as a free man who can do what I want with my life, I put in my house a woman who by virtue of her beauty "demands" all this? I, though I do not deny that she is beautiful, would never accept such a strong conditioning. It is not worth it. These women must be more grateful (to people like you) and more grateful (to me for example) because nothing is due to anyone. When they get wha ... Read more »

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Nice news in our agency. At least somewhere must be happy news in this world! It is in our Matchmaking agency “ Love”. She was our client not long time. But beautiful, educated, serious lady about 30 years old. Now she is in Europe, but was born in Kiev. He is Italian man about 45 years old and lives in Roma. 

And  It is so pleasant that I will be the the Witness in their wedding. What a pleasant sms I received. Of course, I received the sms like this not everyday.  But in our difficult war time to help  one couple to be happy- it is a great job.

I wish to them to be happy!

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I signed up on a site of your competitor and they sent me a mountain of letters and photos so many women. It certainly gratifies me. But I don’t care because I need trust and you are a serious person. I don’t let anyone in my house. If I don’t meet the person I love, it will never be a problem. I can have so many stories with so many different girls. In life you have to know how to take what is most appropriate. It is not a drama. You live the same. Often even better

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Good morning. Buy a shirt, a tie, a pair of shoes.. is a simple choice. Buy a more complicated car. Buy an even more challenging house. But if a man (like me) is looking for his soul mate this quest is certainly very fascinating but equally important.. In fact until today it has not been difficult for me to have many casual relationships, but since 2008 year of divorce with my ex-wife, only a cohabitation lasted almost 4 years with a beautiful Italian woman, It ended badly for both of us because she wanted a child from me and I absolutely didn’t. Later she had a child with a man, of which she is not in love, and I remained single (despite many suitors) traveling a lot and having very short stories with different women.

So I agree with you that it might take time. How much you do not know!

So if you have to introduce me to some women, who must first of ... Read more »

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Letter from our client:

"I write to you out of respect. I’ve been to the Netherlands. I met I. I like her very much, but she (like all Ukrainian women at least now) needs money. So of a man who provides for her who, despite her work, has great difficulty in moving forward especially in a country as expensive as the Netherlands. I told her that I can only accommodate in my house one person, even with 1 child, but that it is quite difficult to find work for her in Italy, especially in this period. She had a great time with me. She told me and wrote that I am a very handsome and charming and elegant man. I am so sorry that you are living this condition. All or almost all of these Ukrainian women are in extreme difficulty and their future life is far more complicated than a Western woman. In fact, they’re just looking for a man to give them money to live. It is not enough for them to have a man with whom to share a house, a bed, a kitchen. They lack money. I dar ... Read more »

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This is a letter from one of our clients. He is from Rome, she is from Kiev. 

"You could earn at least 50,000.00 euros every year. But you can’t make your friends understand that not all men are equal. There are men who can change a woman’s fate. For example, if you give my cell phone number to Julia and she doesn’t know who I am, she sees 10, 20 photos and thinks she knows a man. I think you need a video all. You have to see people almost really, then even in person. If a man has a house worth 1 million euros and is humiliated by a person he does not know, you associate your name with that behavior. If you want to defend your work, you have to organize a video with you and then give the mobile number to each of the 2.

I in the past, when I had the company invoice or 32 million euros every year. Julia did not understand anything. It is there that awaits Prince Charming. If you want to know a person, go to his house, see how he lives. These ... Read more »

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Letter from our client:

"I see that in your life there is not any, even small, space for me. So by now i gona enforce myself to forget about you. Any relationship, specially at the begin, can't be if is not mutual: you don't write me, don't catch me, don't find 1 minute to call me.. so,it's all an own my infatuation for you.

You must know that I praied last night, at Easter mess in church, also for you and your dear mama, for health, mood and all the best, after praying for my son and ex wife for her health, and for my parents and brothers.

And my heart was full of hopes. But you don't care at all about me and about eachothers. Ecaxtly like in Kiev..

Life I only 1. I m going to pray our Lord t ... Read more »

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I m going to pray our Lord to delete all of you from my soul and heart, with hidden tears inside me. 

But is better..

And i apologize if disturbed you...

Take care...

And good luck for everything...

I'm surw we'll meet in our future life,between Angels and our living persons..

There will be all light,softly singing birds,moonlight during the day and never darkness..

I ll offer you my hand,sweetly..

And you 'll wear that wite and light blue clothe

singing again for  me 

that sweet ukrainian melody.. And we'll walk together hand in hand,through withe whavy clouds,

celestial songs and Angels..

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No one can say how long the war in Ukraine will last. Unfortunately, Ukraine was already the poorest country in Europe before the war. War inevitably brings death, destruction and misery. So the future of Ukraine is sadly marked.  Your work, in my opinion, could have a better success because it is not very stimulating for a young woman to think of having a future of peace and prosperity in Ukraine. But I sincerely do not understand, but here you have to be good with them, as these women do to demand, to give up a decent and handsome man, well-off. What do they think they will find the world at their feet? You will see that many of them will have a bad and narrow end. They will eat their hands for regrets....

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This is our client. She is tarolog.  In this video you see her when she is speaking about future of one Ukrainian leader. 

 If you want to  date with this charming lady-you are welcome. Contact us and we will be happy to present you to her.

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Luda, I’ll give you the summary of the 5 ladies you introduced me:

- T.) I don’t care about her. I went to France to meet her. So it’s not a virtual feeling. She’s not a woman to share my life with.

- A.) she is definitely prettier than T., but after a few messages and video clips she disappeared. I have no intention of wasting my time with her.

- K.) She is very beautiful to me. I think she is too young and she is not stable. She wrote me that she wants to come with you to me 1 or 2 days and you strangely never told me about it!!! ) I need stability and certainty in the relationship.

- I.) she is an intelligent, complete, solid, mature, reliable woman. Serious. I need to see if we actually have mutual attraction, not just personal esteem. If you have to kiss a person, make love, have intimacy, there must be a natural chemistry between man and woman that is very different from friendship.

- J.) - visually she is th ... Read more »

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Letter from our client:

"Dear Luda, as I have told you several times, I am looking for a wife (for life) Ukraine for 2 simple reasons :

1. At my age in Italy I can get engaged without problems with an Italian woman of 45/50 years, but I want a younger woman

2. I want to give a better life to a poor woman (for us Italians of course) in a beautiful country, a beautiful house, a good and beautiful man (vain)

Julia, Iryna or Karolina can have this opportunity. If, who I choose, behaves badly, does not cook, is stupid with Italian men, if it betrays me, if it is dirty, rude, does not wash, if it is violent, vulgar... Ungrateful.

Then I open the door of my house and send her away. If she is a correct woman in everything, she will have an extraordinary and happy life.

This is what will happen."


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This is our new couple. Now they live in Holland. They met each other thanks for our agency “ Love” and it was love from first sight.  They met each other one week ago. He is living in Holland, but she came here in order to run away from war in Ukraine. And it was so big surpice for him that the lady which he has shosen, rented the flat just 20 minutes by car from his home! Destiny!

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This video we publish in  order to show that there is place to Love in any times. Now the War in Ukraine. Now  many people in derepression of all this situation with war and the situation around war. But there is always the place to love in our Matchmaking agency "Love” Look to our client from Italia! How deep are his feeling to Ukrainian girl. She  had so suffering during this last moth  that it is impossible to describe all those terrible moments of her life

But she met in our agency this kind Italian man and  there is chance for she and he to be happy together.


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Dear Luda, good morning.

I sent you a copy of my last correspondence with K. to demonstrate my intentions which are different from hers.

I asked her to meet us. In Switzerland or in Rome. I told her that I want to date her to get to know the person well. I told her that in the future she could have a job to manage a bed and breakfast in Trieste. I told her that one day I will also be available to marry the woman who is with me to guarantee her a monthly income for the whole life after my death.

I can only wish you happy and meet the man you want, but it's very difficult. If you want to come to Italy, K. knows how to contact me.

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Hello E. You promised to write to me your impression about  my work. That even in War I could find all girls according your choice. Will be thankful for you. 

L. is very serious about you. She and her daughter liked you a lot. Hope will be i one more couple in my agency.

This is my letter to my client from U S A. As many girls from my agency are in Europe now, some my clients come from another contry to date the girls in Europe. One if them was E. And he was lucky to meet a charming lady-L. 

They liked each other from first look. L. is going to go to USA. She told that  she feels that E. can be her destiny.

For us it is a big pleasure to help people to find each other. Especially in that ... Read more »

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