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I can't understand so hard heart  Inga has like stone. I told her how I don't have possibility to collect money this summer for me to and her tickets to Spain and for food although I wanted to see you too this summer. I have already checked how it cost for 2 persons(at least 850 euro only for ticket).I wrote this to her.I would plan trip to Seville next time when the debt for my credit card became much smaller.

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Hello again dear Luda How are you? Here we still have rain next every day specialy on evenings. I got sms answer from Inga. She want to come to Sweden. To evoid to pay too expensive ticket on this high season I said I can try to ask this Swedish travel agency if I can buy the ticket by credit 1 month at least before departure and pay back some days before departure. Inga didn't 100% agree with meThe naked truth is as follows: Inga think maybe I don't have motivation to travel with her again to Malaga because we have querelled in Seville. It is not true.I forgave Inga many times and Anna knows it(it is sign for true love)

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 Antony fpoud his love in our agency. Now he takes care about her. And It is so nice to know that the people found each other thank  for our Marriage agency Love

".That's nice , you got somedays off day at work . Always try to eat something yummy and healthy after work , because you work hard. when do you always have time to talk ?"

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Luda you know my situation. Inga seam to do like last summer. She want to lead program of trip when she has lust and me support the financial part that made trip to Seville was too expensive for me. Now she seam to do the same. I told her I have to pay the ticket earlier because it be very expensive pay the ticket late specialy summer time. She told me that she will plan vacation at work She said 1 month before trip ticket still be cheap. But today ticket is 500 euro already for trip middle of August.

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