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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client



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Our Italian client fell in love.It happen in our agency very often.Its a big pleasure for us.

"Dear Luda, you can tell Angela (you can also read this message ( that I am really interested in knowing her. I don’t want to rush. I don’t want to be single yet and I want to be happy together with a woman to share everything with. I want to woo her. I want to be honest with you. It’s a time-consuming choice because this choice is very important.  But I would like to meet you in person. I would like to have coffee with her. Talk to her. Look into our eyes. I am a very polite and simple man. I like to cook together. Keeping the house in order together. Traveling together. I want to be a decent person. I don’t look for sex. I look for ... Read more »

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 WE ARE Working,Even War Now

  As now war many our clients ladies went to Europe but they are still looking for the destiny. it was always diffiicult to find the future husband for our girl, but now it almost impossible.

 For men It not so difficult, but... sometimes it s problem for some men.

To find the dream girl sometimes very difficult. Men can look for her many years and no result.Sometimes you can find her just near your house,simetimes you go to another country or another continent. The same with our clients.

One client can come and meet his  dream girl next day after he come,but sometimes the clients can  invite the lady which he liked to romantic trip in his country.

 Even durung the war w ... Read more »

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 The most romantic trip of our couple to Corse was last time.Maybe It is not good to write about happy couple in this difficult time for our and not ounly our people. But I think that the positive emotioins help to people to survive. That why I try to publish something positive. 

  Galia and Bernard visited those beautiful places  last summer. They promised to send some photos and we will publish for you , dear readers.

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 In our Introduction Agency "Love" love is always. Even in the war time, the most difficult time for many people, love exists.

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These photos were sent to us by one of our clients from Italy. He and his partner have dined in a very nice restaurant by the sea. They have sent us these photos to share with us their happiness. It's a very special dinner for them. We hope you like the photos of such a beautiful place.

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In our agency we also have a free service for men. If you are  not married and you are marriage minded person -we can propose for you a free service. We can  publish your photo in our site with you direct contacts.

And if the girls will like your photo and letter about you -they will write to you and you will start to communication and friendship. Later you can come in Kiev and meet with her,if you have the possibility. If no-you can invite this girl to visit you in your country. And,maybe, you can be a good couple in the future.

From you: photo and letter about you. Do not forget to write  your contacts, where to write the letters to you for the girls.

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Our client  Roberto from Italia is in love with our client. 

He sent those romantic photos and video. He is happy and we can feel also  his positive energy of love.

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Tania and Geert are in love. Now they are travelling in Europe. They met each other in our agency.   And there is a chance that they will be married one day. For now they try to know each other better. Look what beautiful nature around them. Lets  enjoy  the beautiful  nature with our couple!

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Information for our clients-we came back from Europe and we continue to work in Kiev! 

This decition was not easy. The war is not finished, but we decided to come back home and continue to work. Many our girls-clients also came back to Kiev.  And many will come soon.  So, our agency is open for you, dear clients, every day from 10  in the morning to 10 in the evening.  We are waiting for you. You are welcome.

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Miss Luda, ho havuto questo pensiero, rispondendo ad una Tua collega che ho aiutato economicamente durante la Pandemia, inviandole soldi senza chiedere nella in cambio. Mi ha chiesto un compenso, addirittura più alto, per presentarmi una ragazza. Mi ha chiesto anche quante volte dovrebbe dirmi GRAZIE. Ho risposto con questo pensiero. Ti dò il permesso di pubblicarlo sul tuo Sito:

"Thanks by words is nothing..peopple can say Thanks 100 times without any effort.. In my human culture and education,in European culture and education, Thanks is expressed not by words but by actions. With concrete and spontaneus gestures."

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In our job sometimes can happen the situations like this. Our client from Italia liked one girl, started to communicate with her, but she did not like something what he told and bloked him. Now we need to help  him. Not simple job. But we will try. Sometimes at the beginning there  is misunderstanding between  woman and man, but later on can be everything  perfect. We hope that this can be the same in this case.

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When the people fall in love and want to soend time together -they are looking for special romantic place. This time my new couple decided to go to Spain to Island Christina. This Island is in Atlantic ocean not far from Sevilla. 

As the girl  does not speak  foreign languages and my client does not speak Ukraine language-I was their interpreter during  this romantic trip 

It was very nice. They are in love and  the future marriage is possible.

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Some our clients now live in different parfs of Europe. Europe opened the door to Ukraine women when the war was started. Our client Irina went to Portugal. She visited this country many times and liked it. Portugal gaved the oportunity to her to chose the city to live. This video she made in a beautiful place and want to share with us.

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Cela a deja devenue la tradition  pour notre couples  allez pour voyage romantic  visiter le coin interessant-Isla Christina en Espagne.

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Summer is a wonderful and romantic season, because we can share this time with our partner. Our clients usually stay and travel more in summer, the temperature and the views invite to it. Today we leave you a video of the trip of one of our couples, we hope to form many more in the near future. Besides, in Ukraine today is the first day of autumn, so today we say goodbye to summer.

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This video was sent to us by one of our couples from their trip together. It is an unforgettable trip with stunning views. Of these that you remember them in winter having a coffee with your partner and you have a good taste in your mouth. It's a romantic trip to remember. It is very nice to know that in our agency we are dedicated to helping people find each other.

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