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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client


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This is a tradition in Italia-when a man is in love, he sings the songs for her loved lady. Our client from Italia Alfonso sings this song for his loves  woman. He sings this song with so big emotions that we can here that there is a big love in his heart. And the name of our agency is  “Love”. Listen, dear friends this song and enjoy. And one day Love will come in your heart also, if you are alone. We are sure. Love is always attracted by Love.

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 Dear men! iF YOU THINK that you chose a future wife for your, you are not right. always a woman chose a man. And then she acts that way that a man think that it was  his choice.

 Look this photo which I made yesterday in one of restaurants of Kiev. He came from USA  in Kiev in so not simple time. But he came. He is not afraid no war, no virus. He is very brave man. He is sure that he will find his love in Ukraine. And he is right. His intuition told his the correct way.

 Look how she took his arm! how sincerely she took his arms. I am sure, that they will be together and they will be happy.

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Maybe will be one more couple in our agency. Iy is too early to speak about this, but there is a chance that they will be together. He is from USA, she is from little town in the North of Ukraine. They met yesterday in our agency and liked each other.

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Notre Milania

  Cher amis! Si vous etes a la recherch de femme de votre reve,je suis sur que cette femne pour vous! Vous avez la possibilite de la rencontrer a travers notre Agence. 

Votre reve enfin realisable: elle est belle,motivee,libre et elle n’ attend que de vous connaitre.

Melania habite a kiev. Jamais marriee,pas de  enfans. Elle a cheveux chatains, yeux marrons. Elle parle   Anglais, aime voyages, cuisiner, 

 danses, musique, chanter,expositions, peinture. Melania est romantique,serieuse , sens de l’humour, comprehensive,esprit de famille,douce,attentionnee,optimiste , calme,tolerante.

 Elle sera heureuse de creer la famille avec un homme de bonne moralite, fidele,d ... Read more »

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I arrived in Kiev from a long flight and called Luda without prior notice and checked into an apartment that was recommended by Luda. She said to come to her office afterwards which she gave directions to my taxi driver. I arrived at her personal apartment and I was invited to come inside. She told the taxi driver to wait, it would only take 15 minutes. As I entered her apartment, which was in disarray, I realized that this was where she worked from. Luda said never mind the mess, and showed me a picture book of hundreds of marriages she arranged over 20 years. Next she asked me to look at another photo book with many beautiful ladies and put a marker of those I would be interested in meeting. All the ladies in the book were really very beautiful and they were candid ... Read more »

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 Look around! The mess in the all world. The economy of many countries  does not work well. Many people are in depression. Everybody try to stay home,  try do not travel. This is a real picture in the world. But, But... 

 Without Love the life is empty. And even in this not simple situation my client from USA came in Ukraine. He is looking for his dream girl. He told that the airports are empty everywhere. It was pleasant to travel for him. He had a good feelings in his heart that he will meet that this special lady of his life.

 And It seems yesterday he met her.

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 Dear our clients. If you decide to come in Kiev we propose you for  good price the apartment in the center of Kiev . Apartment is in street L. Ukrainky 8, near  "Gulliver". The price of apartment is 50 dollars for a night. This apartment consists of living room and bed  room, kitchen. Cozy, modern ,warm apartment in the center of Kiev. 

 Our driver can meet you at the airport. Our driver  has modern car and speaks English.  It is cost 35 dollars to drive from airport to Kiev. Airport is in Borispol, little city not far from Kiev.

 We are waiting for you!

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Time from time our clients send interesting photos to us. Today we want to publish few photos which we received from our client from France. The time now is not very good for traveling  but our client is optimist and he likes to travel.

 We really enjoy to look to those photos and we have the hope that you, dear readers, also will enjoy to see some interesting photos from the South of Europe.


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 Very cold evening in  Kiev.  Everybody try to stay at home in this cold weather -15 C. But not my client. He came from far away in order to  find his dream girl. And he was lucky. He met her.

 She  was waiting for him many years. She was waiting for her special man and finally he came .

 We were all 3 in the nice restaurant in the center of KievShe, he and me. 

 For me it was so interesting to look to them when they eyes  were shining. it seemed to me that in that cold evening ar ... Read more »

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If you look to those photos you can see that this girl is interested  to have the future with this man. Sometimes, dear ladies, It is very nice to express your feeling to a man.  Man feels more sure when he feels that the lady is interested to develop the relations with him. 

 It was in this case just like this. Now they are together and they are thinking about future. 

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Serious talk 

 Nice couple, nice day, nice restaurant and what nice carpet in this restaurant!.

 I like the English proverb "Just Do It". This our couple also like it, but not only like and also  follow this advise.  He came to Ukraine far away, from USA . He is looking for his future wife. He came in this not easy time, but he came. And he is close to his aim. 

 We are sure that will be one more  wedding in our agency..


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 Sometimes i receive the nice letters like this from my clients. This letter is written by my client from Geneve, His name is Pierre. Even I did not found his his dream lady , he will come back to me after the years. He knows that I work seriously and this time, when he will come to my agency=he will find his destiny.

"Vous êtes toujours la même disponible même  le samedi soir à 23h20...cela me fait extrêmement plaisir! Depuis plus de 10 ans je me recycle dans l'art africain ancien et grâce à  la qualité de mes investissements  je commence seulement après beaucoup d'études dans  ce domaine beaucoup plus difficile que je pensais je commence à  avoir accès à  des clients importants, mais je dois encore réalis ... Read more »

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L'Ile Rousseau sous la pleine lune, avec quelques ruissellements de lumière comme dans la vie... Bonne et heureuse année et joyeuses fêtes de Noël. Je pense beaucoup à  vous les Ukrainiens et les Ukrainiennes et j'espère pouvoir bientôt venir vous rencontrer à  nouveau. J'ai eu des années économiques difficiles c'est pour cela que je n'ai plus voyagé et je ne suis pas revenu à  Kiev. Après beaucoup de travail et d'efforts je suis en train de revenir à  meilleures fortune avec de nouvelles activités. J'espère que vous allez bien et que votre activité  pour les rencontres continue! Avec mes amicales pensées, Pierre, de Genève--


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 Our client Milania  in December 2021 win the competition and became Grand Miss Ukraine. 

 We wrote anout this pleasant event already. We are pround of her. Bravo, dear Milania. 

 Milania is beautiful not only outside ,she is beautiful personality.  She  graduated the University ,but she continues to study.   Few times a week Milania spends in Gym. 

And she wry to do something nice in this world- she always help to the people. 

 Melania speaks perfect English. In order to speak this language you need to work very hard in it.  So, this girl is always busy with some good  things. 

 Now it is time to her to look around and find the husband for future ma ... Read more »

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A little about me.

I am a characterful, faithful, honest and sensible-romantic men looking for a  partner  for the future marriage.I am a well -educated ,mentally stable and generous men who wants to make  her future wife happy. I love romantic meals and  long walk hand by hand under the Moon.



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  When he was young boy he had a dream about his future love, his future wife...

 She was so beautiful like an angel:big blue eyes, long fair hair and a very charming smile.

 The years run . He is a student of the University and he  looks to the girls in order to find between them this one, his special, but,,,no. University finished, he moved to USA, start to work , but still alone. All friends are married already, he is alone.

 one day he saw on TV the film about Ukraine and saw some girls look like his dream girl. Oh, she lives in Ukraine! He is sure that she is in our country. 

 At the beginning of February he will come to Kiev.

 Dear ladies!. look to this nice man and if you feel that ... Read more »

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 Now the time is not easy. In all newspapers, sites, on TV , everywhere we can hear so many negative news, that sometimes we do not want to hear no more about all those problems in the world. 

 We decided to publish something positive to you. 

 What can be more positive that love? And we are proud that in our agency many people met their love.  Today we publish some photos of our couple. Very nice couple! They met each  other before New Year 2021 in our agency. Everywhere   around a lot of stress, a lo of negative things - but in our agency real positive things. 

 He is from USA, she is from little town in the South of Ukraine. He came to Ukraine in this special time-  a brave man1. An ... Read more »

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 Happy New Year to everybody. Happy New Year to all  out clients1

 We wish you to be healthy this year!

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In our Matchmaking agency  "Love" love lives always.

 Look this picture which I made few days ago- if you can feel , you will feel that here there is Love.

 Many people im all countries are in depression, not happy, do not know how to live longer and what will be the situation in their country and in the world;  how to survive  in this difficult time? and if you are alone , It is more difficult to you to answer to those questions.

 But if you are not alone, you have the loved person near you, It is more easy to live . Even the doctors say if a person is in love this person   is more stronger.

 So , this my couple knows about this. They met each other in our agency and the ... Read more »

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My name is Rainer. I live in Germany. I was married, but now I am alone. I do not have children and I do not have close relatives. I am very lonely.

 I am a man who loves nature, the ocean, the mountains, the animals.  Another passion I like a lot to travel . I am a caring, faithful, honest, sincere and responsible man. I have a good general knowledge, I can talk about all subjects of conversation, I never get bored. I don't pretend to be a perfect man, but I have good family value. 

 I am looking for a serious lady from Ukraine. the main thing that she will be honest. I will come in Kiev soon.


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