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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client


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"Hi Customer,

The Early Bird Offer is now LIVE!!  ... Read more »

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his poetry our client wrote to her girl friend which he met in our agency, So nice to know that they are in love.

Dearest Angel  ...

Emptiness is around me  ..

Desert in my heart..   .

Dark deep clouds above my head...

Food hasn't tast

Water doesn't extinguish my thirst. ..

My thoughts are confused,empty,


My body is weak..

My legs are strenghtless.. .

My muscles can't keep a glass of water.. 

My dreams are nightmares. ..


Only your smile

Only your long legs..

only your soft big lips..

Only your suave smell

Only your warm chest

Only your nobile hands and thin fungers... ... Read more »

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Carolina is not alone no more. She found her dream man. We are very glad for her. Be happy dear Carolina!

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This is our client from Italia. His name is Roberto. He is 185 cm tall, 85 yg. he is 49 years old.. He is devorced and has one son. Roberto lives in Roma, He has his own house. But he has no wife in this house. 

Robero is educated, he has good gouvernement job. He works a lot and his job is stressfull, but he is weel paid.

 Roberto is kind, romantic, serious and responsible.

 He is looking for a beautiful, tall, sinsere lady for marriage, One child is accepted.

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Dear Clients. We want to say to you that we  continue to work, even the situation is not simple,  Some our customers  met their dream girls the last three monthes, Today we publish some photos of our news couples.

 We want to say to the men who did not find their dream lady , that it is possible to find her, only you need to do something every day, Just do it- nice Englis proverb.

  This photo is made few days ago in Italia.

This photo is made few weeks ago in Geneve.

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 The situation in Ukraine is very difficult now, but even in the situation like now, the soul of every person need love, and maybe even then before ,

 Tania and  Gary met each other in our Matcmaking agency 3 years ago. They  spent one week of their holiday in Odessa and then Gary had to go home. He lives in USA, Tania is from  Moldova , but she lives in Kiev.

  Tania  and Gary were writting the letters to each other every day  after their holiiyday. And only now they have the possibility to  meet again. 

 The meeting will be in Spain. Hope that thie meeting will give the result which  we expect to have,

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Gender: male
Name: Muhammad Awais
Age: 21
Study: 11
Work: glass kating
Encome: best
Mother : house wife
Live: Islamabad
House : rant Islamabad
Color :fire
Rilgis :islam
Age: 21 /30

Write message to Awais

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 This is our new couple.They are very happy. 

She is from Ukraine, he is from Italia. Now they are travelling en Italia and enjoy life. They are not speaking yet about marriage, but in the future  everything is possible,

They sent some photos from their trip.

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Name: Sylvester Omondi Arambe.
Date of birth:9/2/185
Marital: Single.
Level of education: Graduate.
Level of English: middle.
City: Nairobi.
Country: Kenya.
Looking for:women. 

Write to Sylvester 

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Luda, good morning.

I have asked myself many times, also because you wrote to me that there are 7 million Ukrainian women who have fled your country, how is it possible that you do not find for me a person with these general characteristics :



Skilled cook


















Instead, you’re just gonna introduce me to little girls who are sexy in videos, not-so-pretty women, conceited people.

I’m clear from the beginning because if a woman you introduce to me ... Read more »

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This video sent for us our client from Monaco. He is not married yet and he is looking fir his life partner. In this part of Monaco he liked to run in the morning. He likes sports. He invites a nice lady who also likes sport to run together here. And maybe they will run together not only here, but in the rood of life ?

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"Dear Luda, I have pointed out some of your friends that might be interesting. I have not had any answers from you. I hope you are all right. If until today you have not been able to satisfy my request, it is clearly not meant to meet people from your country. Although you wrote to me that unfortunately there are 7 million Ukrainian women scattered throughout Europe because of the war, you still haven’t been able to present to me the woman who makes me lose my mind. No problem. It’s a way to joke. Problems are others in life. I am serene. 

Good night.

Thank you


 Sometimes Ir is very difficult to satysfy the request of client. but we are sure, that one day we will find for this client ftom Italia his dr ... Read more »

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Anna is my client few years. She is 35 but she is alone. Her marriage was not happy. She was looking fir her man after divorce longtime. And finally the destiny smiled to her. She met the  man from Italia in our agency. 

She was in Ukraine, it was not so easy to live Ukraine when the war started. But now she is in Italia with Roberto. They liked each other and there is chance that they will be together and will be one more marriage in our agency. 

For now they enjoy to travel in Italia. And this video they sent us today.  When the people are in love its always bid pleasure even to read about this. We have the hope that they will use the chance which the destiny gave to them in order to be together.

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In our Marriage agency  - marriages always. last time not often  of COVID and  of war. But finnally we will have soon marriage in Paris.  Patric and Inna met each other in our agency before COVID.  they liked each other and spent few days together in Kiev, Inna presenred Patric to her parents and parents liked him..They  met each other few times during those years and when they realised that they are each for other- they decided to be married.

 Now they arw travelling in Europe and dreaming that the war finishe as soon as possible. the  wedding will be after the war.

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 This letter sent our client from Italia. Nice man. We try to help him to find the future wife, but It is not easy.

"Honestly, I don’t like it in the barefoot toe video, with tiny bikinis, sexy attitudes. I need something else. I need a beautiful woman, with a beautiful smile, an elegant attitude, a different style. She is young, busty, short in stature, focused on showing her butt with a thong , big breasts... With her I can have sex. But after 1 hour I wouldn’t know what to talk about. I want to put a woman at the center of my life. She has no elegance, she has no style, she is not compatible with me. It is me with her. I desire a beautiful woman, but she has a brain and uses it. An educated woman, who speaks foreign languages, a gradua ... Read more »

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Dear Lina..

Dear my sexy Musa..

you took my body,my hands my arms my legs..

You drunk the blod that flows in my veins..

Due to such steals i can't stop thinking of you..

I always dream about a whole love's night with you..while our hot bodies will roll eachothers running awhay through the magical your touchs..

Pushed by your warm kisses from your big sift hottest lips..

We'll wake up stubborn..

like children surprised by a brightest sunset and a sudden sun ray..

And our next days will be lightest and brighter ..

We ll enjoy our endless love

Singing a so sweet love songs between a multitude of Angels and Saints

Throug the hea ... Read more »

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