"It takes calm, patience, persistence, and luck to meet a person with whom to start an important relationship. An occasional meeting is undemanding. Easy. I want to continue my research with you. I believe you know what I want. I need you and you need me. Let me know when you can send me photos of those women I wrote to you. A maximum of women can have 1 child. I can't support 2 children. I have to think about my 2 children already. I really like Julia (pictured). I will invite her and others (because the choice must be made on more people) and whoever comes to Italy in Italy, shows me that they are interested. Who does not come, who asks only for money, who does not contact me is far from my life project. So I don't waste time on it. Let's see how th ... Read more »

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 If Julia's photos are absolutely recent and real. If she answers you and of course she is concretely interested in coming to Italy permanently even with a child (she becomes too complicated if she has 2 or 3), then I want Julia. As long as you are a good and honest person. Otherwise the door as it opens, closes. And I don't think it suits her above all with a child.

I made my choice.

Otherwise, we will see other people whose photos I send you on your website. But of all these I have to see, I always repeat, other recent photos and know that they don't waste my time and money and they come to Italy with conviction. The basis for moving forward is always the same: "if the lady wants a child, you better look for a different man and if she thinks she is indispensable, to lead a luxurious life, better not to come". I don't lack any ... Read more »

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