OK for me. Did you send my photos to Natasha?
I inform you that the ladies you have introduced me to today are all particular, to be good:Lina just wanted travel, Tatiana a child, otherwise she is not interested. Alina, invited to Italy, does not seem to be in any hurry.
I will try again, because my life does not change and I am stubborn. . Of course this is about to end because being good is okay, but being too generous is useless.
This is my decision. Each of us will make his choices.
The worst will be for your ladies, who until now are just trivial rip-offs, senseless acquaintances.
I'm almost done with my interest.
Get more photos sent by Natasha, Irina, Masha and Vika
And send them to me.
If nothing new ha ... Read more »

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Our beautiful women are proud of themself. And very often they say "No" to the men if they do not like those men. Our women have the right to choise.Yes.

"Liubov, I am very sorry to say these things to you ( but you guaranteed me on the seriousness of this person..) but a woman you told me is interested in me, she disappears, without even saying... Sorry, I’m busy or I’ll talk to you later... Is that your message of welcome? If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t even have answered the phone.... A mature woman of almost 40 years of a country in war that is becoming the poorest country in Europe and among the poorest in the world... When I met Tania I wondered why I was there. I wasted money and time unnecessarily... I don ... Read more »

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"Luba, today I made a long drive in Italy and after 580km I returned to my home. A little tired, but serene. And that’s what counts. I can meet both Ukrainian women you asked me to meet, but it depends on how much money I have to spend with you. Why? Because I spent a lot of time and I didn’t accomplish anything. I even lost time. The 35 year old girl who is in Naples I could meet her because she is near my house. In 1 hour is 30 minutes by car arrival in Naples. Even with the train it takes the same time. Then we will eventually see. It all depends on where this girl is located, in which part of the city. If you live in Naples or out of town. What is your name? Do you live alone in Italy?
But I think that the woman of 42 years, I can no longer ... Read more »

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"Dear Luba good morning. Love  comes when it happens. It comes for everyone. Nobody can decide when. No one can even decide to fall in love with a person. Of course you can introduce two people, but they freely decide whether they want to continue the knowledge or stop their knowledge. People fall in love ugly, rich, poor, fat, tall, ignorant, elegant. It doesn’t matter the age difference, religion, money. If it is true love, everything is overcome. It is important, indeed decisive, that a person wants to be a couple. When a person looks for his or her half, he or she finds something. Maybe that’s not what he wants, but it’s a good start. The relationship is built with time, but above all with the desire not to lose the person that life has ... Read more »

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