I want to answer to this client- Be always optimist and the destiny will smile to you.

"Liubov, I am so sorry for everything that happened to me with your friends.
I just wanted to meet a woman and then hang out to build a real relationship.
I was treated like an ATM, like a rejection, with contempt, with indifference.
I’m not ugly, mean, ignorant, rude, insensitive.
Never in my life have I experienced such a story.
I’m also willing to block our phone references. I’ll let you decide.
Lina’s vehemence. Tania’s contempt. Julia’s indifference. Alina’s lies.
A man like me who doesn’t like any woman in Ukraine is paradoxical.
Now you have given me a phone number of Alexandra who has no whatsapp. So I can not even write to her.
I have no positive feelings.
It may be that to all these women I am the worst man they have met.
Tell me what you want to ... Read more »

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Attention for ladies! Very intelligent Italian man is waiting his destiny. He is looking for a lady. this is his letter.

"My requests are these:
Age :35-45 years (no girls or time wasters or scammer) 
Height: 168-178
Body type: slender
 Kind eyes
Hair : straight or wavy. No CURLY OR SHORT HAIR
hair color : indifferent 
Lips : fleshy
Teeth:  perfect whites
Shoulders: wide 
Hips: narrow
Transfer to Italy : desired
Cook:  good in the kitchen
Font: Calm
Clothing :elegant and casual
General Culture : Bachelor’s degree 
Children: better without children, if you have at most 1.
Wish for children : no
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"I will give  to my woman, if she is faithful and willing to take care of the house and me, I will give:
a house to live in,
  Big Love
Free time
Holidays when and where possible
What more can a woman who comes from a country that suffers destruction, hunger, disease and unfortunately many deaths every day ask for?
If a woman does not understand this, it is right for her to meet a destiny that will not be easy"

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Ukrainian women are beautiful and sometimes can broke the heart to a man. But life is life.

"It’s a real shame that it ended so badly. My intentions were very serious. I wanted to create a love relationship with a Ukrainian woman. Now I have to forget Julia. It’s not easy for my sensitivity and my character. A little suffering. But I thought I’d met my soul mate. For me rejection is always painful because I hardly like a woman, because I was betrayed by my ex-wife, because I was left by my former Italian girlfriend for my refusal to have a child with her. That’s why  I tried to meet  my special woman.. When there’s no emotional involvement, feelings don’t exist. I’m gonna keep seeing women,  a ... Read more »

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"Dear liubov, for your information yesterday Alexandra wrote to me. She was kind. She is London. She sent me some photos. Honestly, she’s not my type of woman. I don’t want to waste any more time. You gave me a series of contacts.. It is useless to repeat how things went. We all have an opinion. Probably different. I no longer want to look for a Ukrainian woman. If it did not go according to the forecasts, it means that it is not in my destiny to love a Ukrainian woman. I hope for all of them to be happy with better men than me. I’m interested in a beautiful WOMAN, not an immature girl with a different life plan. That’s why I would have given 100% for Julia. She was the only woman who could have a stable and lasting relationship with me. B ... Read more »

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"You write me that Lina wants me and she writes me that she wants to come to my house with you. Then I write a reasoning using my bad English, because I think an expression in Italian, I translate it badly in English and she who is Ukraine the law in English but thinks in Ukrainian... And she writes to me that she no longer wants my messages and that I have mental problems. Do I seem to be able to bear this kind of appreciation?
I’m speechless. It’s all so absurd.
The first time something like this happens to me.
I can of course delete your mobile number, Lina’s mobile number, block both numbers so that you too can never have contact with me again.
What should I do?
You let me know.
Thank you

Thi ... Read more »

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