Many Italian women would like to live with me in this house, but I must be happy with a special woman that I have not yet met. For this reason I continue my quest that will end the day I meet my soul mateThe woman who will stay with me in the future, after I have settled my children, I will marry her. WHY? Because when I die one day, she by the Italian law, being my wife, she will be able to take 60% of my pension. And with this monthly sum you will be able to live decently even when I am gone. In the meantime I would like to take a bed and breakfast to manage. If you were here, we would have gone to see the bed and breakfast together. I want to be a teacher at school, you could collaborate with the bed and breakfast. But you don't want to follow me. I will make y ... Read more »

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Dear liubov good morning. We must not be in a hurry or make bad choices. When you introduce me to your women, they should be thanking you and walking here to me, too, because this opportunity is not easy to happen to them again in life. If they do not have this ability to understand things, they badly design their future and they will hardly have such opportunities. But that doesn’t have to worry you and me. I have 2 adult children and therefore I am free to live without the daily weight and responsibility of a small child. So I don’t want to have children with another person. If she has children for me it’s not a problem. But it must be a good cook, think about the house (1 time a week I have my cleaning lady that I do not intend to send away), foll ... Read more »

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Liubov, I’ve decided I want to continue my search for a Ukrainian soul mate only with you. So I will no longer have contact with other Ukrainian agencies. This is definitely good news for you. However, I would like the search to be absolutely real, with real photos, but it is essential to respect the following parameters that you must take into account:
Age 35/49
Women must not be older or younger, except for Karolina.
Height 165/179
Good cyoca
Deborah is faithful
Children better not if possible.
English language at least a little.

I came up with an idea. Turn to women you see in the street, at the supermarket, on the subway and if you see a beautiful woman (I repeat beaut ... Read more »

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