I rather wait for the right person than start a relationship with a woman I don’t really like. Many of my friends for loneliness are engaged to women they don’t love. This is bad. This is not done. In life it takes patience. Calm down. When a person is honest with himself, then the right time comes. Karolina would have been a mistake for me. She would be laughed at by everyone because nobody cares about her beauty. It takes a good brain. When a person goes to the doctor, to the supermarket, by car, by train, to the sea even if it is beautiful but has no money nobody pays the bill for others. It’s a speech you know well. I would show you how many girls in your country end up in the world badly. It’s an absurd thing. They think they are be ... Read more »

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 I tell you honestly, I was convinced of liking Karolina and Victoria, but obviously I was totally wrong because for them I was never interesting.
Nothing in life is taken for granted.
I’m signing the new employment contract tomorrow.
This is much more important to me.
You have safe money every month makes life easier.
Of course I pay you and there is no doubt about that.
Yesterday, after closing with a 44 year old Ukrainian woman living 150 km from me, I contacted many agencies that have many Ukrainian women available to come to Italy. But I’d like to rely on you.
You have seen the videos of my house, you know my strong character who needs a sweet, calm and devoted woman. You have seen my photos. I&rsqu ... Read more »

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