Any Woman Will Be Happy With Him

Luda, you have been able to see directly with your own eyes my videos of my home, where I live, and where my next woman will live. Lina has seen the same videos. Everyone is free to make their own choices in life. If it is not enough for Lina, it is right for her to choose something else. I can offer this life to my woman. Where? In Italy. I really like this life. If it is not Lina if it is not Linalla, there will surely be a woman who will appreciate my life plan and will want to share it with me with enthusiasm, devotion and quickly.

Many Italian women would like to live with me in this house, but I must be happy with a special woman that I have not yet met. For this reason I continue my quest that will end the day I meet my soul mate.You Sent me some photo of soma lady. Thank you liubov.
I need you to show her the video of my two houses.
She can choose whether to love me and be my woman for life or live as a refugee, hoping in the future to find a better person with whom to live together a better life.
It’s a personal scene..

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