Angela good morning. I will not send you any more of my photos. I invited you to Italy to meet us in person and get to know us in real life. If you don’t want to come. If you don’t come, it will only be your free choice. I don’t have to convince you. And I don’t want to convince you either. You’re an adult. Do what you feel like doing. I will do the same. Words are useless. Words are useless. The behavior of each of us determines our own future. If you still need to be on Lyubov’s website, it’s probably because you don’t just have to meet me virtually. Then it is right that you give yourself time and only when you meet those who are really interested you will make concrete actions worthy of importance. Even your photo on ... Read more »

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Dear Angela, can I ask you a courtesy? If possible of course. When we get to see each other (even if in video) don’t wear too much makeup. I don’t like fluorescent lipstick,... I love simplicity. Naturalness. Being yourself. Of course, being in order, being beautiful (that goes for me, of course), is important, but not fundamental. I want the substance in a person. And I think you are an important woman. I have good feelings. It will be nice to meet you. We will have great laughs.
I send you a warm greeting.
See you soon

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Our clients are serious about marriage. Read how smart, serious letter wrote one of our client to a man.

"You are very interesting, I like you :) but I don't care about other people's opinions about you - what matters to me is what I feel ....  For me it is important that a man does things.  First, I can't go to a man I don't know….. my parents wouldn't approve of it… and neither would my upbringing.  I am a very serious girl and I am determined to get married - therefore, either a man comes to me to build relationships, or does everything so that I can come to another country.  but since you say that you have bad experience in the past and you don't want to woo a woman - how do we start roma ... Read more »

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"Lina do you think I have mental problems?
Thanks again for the nice words.
I’m glad you and your family are rich and happy.
I’m very pleased to hear that.
Unfortunately, I have expressed a thought, but it is not easy to speak different languages.
Every word can be misunderstood.
I apologize if I have UNINTENTIONALLY offended you, your family, your people.
I didn’t mean to.
I no longer know how to explain that starting from two languages, alphabets, different verbal expressions certain things are understood in the opposite way.
I’ll respect what you asked.
Too bad you made that decision.
I wish you with all my heart to be happy and to have what you desire. ... Read more »

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