"My dream comes true..
my happyness..
my water when I'll be thirsty..
You'll be my soul's food when I ll be hungry..
You'll be my chair when I ll need to rest..
My pillow when I ll need to sleep..
You'll be my shoulder when I ll need to lean my tired head..
You'll be my light 
When I'll wak through the night
You ll be my sunshine
When I ll need brightness..
You'll be my confidant 
When I'll need a box for my secrets.
Your eyes will be 
My place's oasis
When I ll need peace ..
My sunshine and my deep sea
When I'll wake up..
You ll be my world .."

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She will come after few days and he will present her to the parents. We are sure that it will be engagement. 

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"I like Mila, but she is a woman who wants to appear. She is not a woman who likes to stay at home. She wants a luxurious life with expensive clothes, restaurant dinners, social life.
Probably, I repeat probably but I'm pretty sure, she wants a child.
I repeat that I like Mila very much but I don't think she is the right person for me and neither am I for her Lets take Victoria. I had lunch with her in Italy. She told me that I am not good enough for her. Meanwhile, she is still on many agencies looking for a man. No Italian man has taken her and her daughter into the house. These women are too demanding. They demand but have nothing to give to men. It is full of beautiful women, even Italian. These women look like dolls with designer clothes ... Read more »

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