My love...
Since you disappeared from my life,
A deep fog invaded my horizon
A sorrow's steam occupied my daylight..
I can't see the sun in the morning
And the moonlight in the night..
Even the birds are silent..
The river doesent want to flow 
The sea refimuses to touch the cliff..
All around me I'd grey..
My life is not brilliant anymore 
Like it was when you were in my days accompanied me to the shores if the sleep..
I feel a deep pain in my heart and from my face 
The smile vanished..
Bring me back your smile 
Your hair,your tender face
Your jealousy
Your happiness..
Bring me back the hope
To hug  you in my li ... Read more »

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I write you my request :
Age 34/48
Height 166/176
Slender physique
Sine 2/4 measure
Straight hair
University culture
No cigarette
Alcohol socially
Excellent cook
Smiling woman
Family woman
Honest person
Clean person
No tattoos
Children no
Or children of age
Or 1 child only, preferably female, not less than 15 years.
I prefer a less beautiful woman, but a woman who has the right qualities for sweetness, calm, obest.


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I am Antonio from Spain, I am university degree in Law, I work in my own jewelry business. 
1’80 cm 

I am gentle, culture, attractive and good man. 

I like arts, sports, nature, travel, social live with my friends go to restaurants etc, but too read, exhibitions, cinema…

My life is very good and comfortable, I am worker and responsable person and I am looking one serious woman for get one family and strong union based in respect, compromise and fidelity for get one common project of life.

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 Dear Tania,
I have been so sad and with low mood all these days without you due to that misunderstanding about that karaoke. 
But thanks to the Luda help,i count tommake it up with you
I really when met u first time,deleted all women i already met..only desert and gray sand around me.  
But you turned on a so sweet fire in my heart bringing as well a so brighten light that makes me see every my pass on the streams of my lonely nights. 
I pray our common Lord that such light can strengthen to illuminate our life together, giving us the possibility to overtake the hard challenges that life abitually prepares to the human beings .
I m so sure that with you next to me, ill receive a so tough strengt able to make me ... Read more »

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I am looking for a woman from 36 to 46 years. High from 166 to 176cm. Straight hair and average length. Better without children. If you have a child minimum 16 years. Good knowledge of English. Non-smoker. Alcohol only socially. No tattoos. Skilled cook. Slender physique. Long legs. A nice smile.
Natalie is very beautiful, but too young for me.
You need to find a younger man for her.In the background I would like that if you see mutual interest and happiness, you will be giving your personal support and help us with her family with your personal relations. Naturally I understand that you need time to build trust to do thisTrust and honesty are big problems when dealing with new people and it should be at least certain that both are who they say they are an ... Read more »

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