Lyubov, I wanted to inform you that Angela is also missing. I have no more desire and no interest in wasting time and money with any Ukrainian woman. I opened my eyes. Finally. It was an experience I don’t recommend to anyone. These women have no value. They have nothing. They can’t give anything. In Italy they would be simply ridiculous. No one would care about them. No one would give them a job. It was an immense fortune that nobody came to my house. I’ve had the cleaning lady for years. I don’t need another. I’m not angry with you. I’m not disappointed either. I’m just aware. I’m only looking at Italian women.
Those of your country are not welcome in my home.

It is not an obligation for her to write to m ... Read more »

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Let me write this message.
A woman of over 40 years who wants a relationship with a nice and decent man who is really interested in her and she has little time to send a message makes me definitely think....

If Angela doesn’t write to me anymore, I can only wish her happiness, but I’m not chasing any woman.

This person’s cell phone, Angela, is permanently disconnected. So she’s never online. At least on this number.
You probably have another number, or you’re not healthy, or you have other priorities.
You can give me an answer.
If you want of course

Dear Lyubov,
Angela is gone now.
I hope she’s okay.
If she doesn’t want to communicate with me anymore, I ca ... Read more »

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Good evening.
Forgive the sincerity : it seems very strange to me that a woman, although engaged, who through you tries to meet a man to create a relationship, does not have 1 minute to respond to a message. In Italy we say "good morning is seen from the morning".
What does this woman do?
I hope you at least have the time and courtesy to answer me.
In these 2 photos I like her very much. I like little makeup, I like non-fluorescent lipstick. However, please tell Angelina everything, I would like much more with slightly shorter hair. It would be much more elegant and more feminine

She would be even more beautiful if she had slightly shorter hair  (they are more elegant), without the red lipstick, and with the hair color no ... Read more »

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The hardest thing is for 2 mature people to feel good together for a long time and in a healthy and civilized way. The simplest thing is to have fun for a moment without creating anything. For this type of experience it is not necessary to arrive in Ukraine or another country. If I have to commit to a woman, it must be an important story. Otherwise I do not waste time unnecessarily. Nor do I mock any woman. I can give a dignified life to a woman, in a beautiful country and in a decent house. The couple can be heaven or hell. For me it is important that all people are happy. If woman will be happy with another man, it will be beautiful all the same. Wishing others happiness, we realize our life.I a not in a hurry.

. All of them can be for me. Every time it&rsqu ... Read more »

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Beauty is not everything in life.
She’s a beautiful woman to me.
I don’t know if she’s really interested in me or not.
I look for a serious person for a serious and lasting relationship
I want to be loved by a woman and love my woman.
Is she willing to live in Italy?

Do I have to be honest with you? This girl is beautiful, very besutiful and a man would like tofall in love with her immediately and for a long time, also because she isspecial. Do you think she’s a woman who cooks and cleans the house? I don’t think so. She’s busty, she wants to seduce. If it’s for a weekend, that’s fine, but it’s not a woman a man like me can have a lasting relationship with. I confess that I lik ... Read more »

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