"Julia did not understand anything. It is there that awaits Prince Charming. If you want to know a person, go to his house, see how he lives. These women are too naive. They have not understood anything. Italy is not just any country. Italy is 50% of the world’s monuments, it’s Ferrari, Armani, Parmigiano Reggiano, wine, mozzarella, the Pope... Today for 1 coffee and a bitter with the Cardinal I paid 18 euros. But we are in Rome. In Rome every year 26 million tourists arrive. What do these women want more? In this way they harm your work. If you want to work at a high level, you have to have class customers. If every one of your women says that I, for example, am ugly, what do you think can happen for them and then for you? In this way they thin ... Read more »

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Sweetheart Olha,
Your eyes were a white light in my darkness
when I was walking yesterday night thinking of you..
Watching your photo with your tender eyes, I could find the way that brightened my ride
reaching for my soul. 
After your unexpected and painful disappearance 
all is grey around me ..
Even the sun decided to go away..
All is a desert around me
A rapid greyness grabbed our blue sky..
All is meaningless..
Even the candles in my Church extinguished their small flame..
It started some unnatural raining in my sunny Region on April 25th 
when normally I was swimming on sea..
All is sadness and wide emptiness..
I gona pray our Lord 
to take me back ... Read more »

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"I honestly believe these women make little sense to me. I'll give you an example: Tania and her sister (who had a face disfigured by silicone), yesterday at lunch, my guests, they felt stomach ache but they ordered 4 plates of food each even when I was in the cashier to pay the bill and I thought they had finished eating. These women are only capable of making me spend money, go to restaurants, dress up with Gucci, Calvin clein, Armani, yves saint laurent, ... I have the desire to meet a WOMAN, not a fool who in Italy does not know where to put her . A woman, 40/45 years old, beautiful, natural, slender, 166/176 tall, who doesn't want children or has an older child. A humble woman who gives me her hand, a hug. Not a cold, detached woman, not an insignif ... Read more »

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Read what I wrote now her..with wich metaphore:
Ok Anny,stay with your life and work..
I m very disappointed and sad 
It was better that I never met you   

You are  like a cake on a table that a child who desires and wants it for so longtime, can't reach.. 

It's not destiny ,we ll never meet.
I wish you serene life, good work..
And to find a man better than me.
But I m afraid that it will be pretty difficult,Anny

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