Even they are separated now, he wishes her to be loved as he loved her. So beautiful ,a little sad, but beautiful,  do you agree with me?

"Dear Lina, you have probably chosen the best solution for your life.
You wanted to give me up
We never met in person.
I don’t know what to say anymore.
You’ll see how your life goes.
Everyone chooses who they want and who they don’t.
It was a shame it ended so badly.
I’ve informed Liubov of your decision.
I can only wish you happiness with a better man than me.
Thanks again for everything.

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We are rerious Marriage agency. And our clients are also serious. Only read the thoughts of one Italian our client how serious he think about his future wife.

"I will marry my future woman, as I have told you several times before, after years of happy living together. Why am I going to ask my future wife to marry us? Because under Italian law, on the day I die, you will receive a monthly pension in cash equal to 60% of my pension. For example if I take 1,800 euros of pension every month, when I die, since she is my wife, she will for life take every month, even if she works, 1,080 euros. They are not many, but not few. So you are a very lucky person because you have an economic basis that gives you a chance to live decently. For example, if you hav ... Read more »

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" Luda,my priority, my main interest is that Lina be happy. She wrote to me that he doesn’t want to have my messages anymore. Unfortunately, I have to respect her wishes. She probably didn’t understand who I am. Maybe I explained it wrong. But I think in Italian and I write in English that I don’t know well. She thinks in Ukrainian and goes to read in English. I’m sorry. I was waiting for her to visit with you at my house. That will never happen. I had prepared a bedroom for you and one for her. It means that she will go to another man’s house. I will pray for Lina’s happiness.
Liubov, I want to stop looking for a Ukrainian woman.
In 2 days I will go to Holland. Then I will return to Italy. And then I will leave fo ... Read more »

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