It is OK for me. Did you send my photos to Natasha?
I inform you that the ladies you have introduced me to today are all particular, to be good: Karolina just wanted the money, Tatiana a child, otherwise she is not interested. Alina, invited to Italy, does not seem to be in any hurry.
I will try again, because my life does not change and I am stubborn, but until today  I have not had any feedback. Of course this is about to end because being good is okay, but being too generous is useless.
This is my decision. Each of us will make his choices.
The worst will be for your ladies, who until now are just trivial rip-offs, senseless acquaintances.
I'm almost done with my interest.
Get more photos sent by Natasha, Irina, Masha an ... Read more »

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I wrote the messages you saw to Julia. I sent all the photos you saw. She never answered. If she wants to communicate with me, I’ll be happy to meet her. If she’s not interested, if she doesn’t have time, I don’t run after anyone.
As they say in Italy :"Good morning is seen from the morning."I just wanted to meet and then meet Julia. I wouldn’t even touch her body or her lips. I really thought she was in love with me. I could give her and her son a different life. I felt teased. She’s not the first. Alina, who I don’t like, cost me 100 euros for a videocall. I deleted Alina and Julia and Tania’s number. I was a fool. I thought it was an important opportunity for them to meet me. Instead, you only offered ... Read more »

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After the war between Ukraine and  Russia started, mire thet 7 million women moved to Europe. So many aour clients live now in different parts of Europe. This video is sent by our client Irene from Ausria. You can see museum in the center of capital.

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 Luda, good morning. I saw your site. There are potentially beautiful women, but most have only 1 photo. I did a search with these parameters :
Age 36/46 years old
Educational qualification :University
Height :166/176cm
I’ve seen some of them.
Now I ask you to propose to me the most beautiful and suitable for me with these characteristics.
Then we make the choice and move on.
Send me pictures of the women you advise.
If Karolina doesn’t want to, leave her alone. It’s her problem to make bad choices in life.
I want a truly beautiful and devoted woman.
I’m waiting for your answer.
Thank you

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If I don't find my love thanks to you, my life isn't over. I had an experience. I can also choose in Italy. But it is not an obsession. What has to come will come at the right time. And if that doesn't happen, that's okay with me. It is not possible to have everything in life. I have a lot of gratitude for what I have and above all for what I am.with me Tania or Karolina or Mila or an other woman is sure about her safe, good and honest life.
But there are many man not serrious and they risk..I'm so sick and tired of it. A man like me should not be alone or beg for women to go out with me. I have an incredible amount to offerLearn from your mistakes. I continue to live well in a beautiful home, with a good job and in a rich, beautiful and peac ... Read more »

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i am tired. I am coming back from a new job. In northern Italy. I will go abroad on Sunday for 5 days. I fight tooth and nail every day to get on with my life. Companies offer me a job because I am a decent man, but above all a capable and honest professional. What do I do with a useless doll that for me is only a cost? Can you tell Victoria about me. She will definitely remember. I don’t need to pray to a woman to be with me. I can choose if I want to. These women should just kiss on the floor if they meet a man like me or another decent man. Instead they are flimsy like cream, useless and ungrateful.But in the same time I want to say that if a man will be lucky and will find a nice woman from Ukraine -he will be very happy.There is something very specia ... Read more »

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