One More Thing

One more thing dear Lyubov.
A person must also think about old age. Will these women have a pension to live on when they are old? Or are they thinking of wearing stilettos at 60 or short skirts? They would be ridiculous of course. When I finish working, I can live my life with my work pension. So I won’t have any problems. And it’s terrible to have problems when you’re old! They live without thinking about tomorrow. Who doesn’t have a strategy will never have a future. I am very sad to have met such poor women, but unable to open their eyes, to use common sense, to look at life in its complexity. Life is unpredictable. Health is not forever. Difficulties will happen to everyone. But if a person does not have a family, cultural and economic basis he cannot do anything
It helps these women to reflect on the value of life. They are born poor and most of them will waste their meaningless existence. They will have nothing. Humanly I am sorry. But I go my own way. Those who want to come to me must prove that they deserve what I can offer. And it is a lot. Also because it is done honestly. With sacrifices. After so much time and work. I am not a fool. It is useless to repeat the same things. Those who understand should not have doubts or difficulties. Instead the opposite. Then better to lose certain people. They can’t give me anything. On the contrary!

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