Pierre est avec nous. Si agreable de connaitre cela. Il  va  faire la connaissance avec une de plus belle femme de notre agence.Esperons que cela doit marsher.

"Bonsoir Liuba, merci pour la photo. Je me bats pour vendre mes œuvres d'art. Nous avons une foire d'art international, Art Genève cette fin de semaine et j'espère hque je vais trouver des clients.J'étudie aussi la langue russe et une histoire de la littérature russe depuis ses débuts pour bien comprendre à  la fois l'Ukraine et la Russie. La vraie compréhension de jl'histoire des deux pays va être très utile pour trouver une solution concernant  leurs frontières et faire cesser cette guerre absurde. Avec mes amicales pensées, Pierre."

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Attention to religeous girls!. We have a customer from Finland. His name is Mark. he is 34 years old, never married, educated. He is looking for marriage only religious girl.

 In his letter he wrote some his thoughts.

"But these highly christian believing women will also need a believing man or a very compatible man, as they can become very vulnerable with bad men. I understand that they will be very submissive, weak and highly co-operative women, who will need a man who will submit to and obey God themself. This way the relationship can be very succesful and happy with a right man.

To be honest, amount of believing men is still very small, but I think in western countries increasing amount of western men are looking to return t ... Read more »

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She just texted me Lina, angry because she wanted to come with you to my house. I told her that I don’t mind. But since you are far away, I thought it would arrange for you. I would pick you up at the airport.. She also texted me that she would never cook anything for me or any other man. She wrote to me that she feels beautiful and young so a man just has to think about her. I wish her luck in life. BUT WHAT PEOPLE DID SHE INTRODUCE ME TO? AND WHY? WHAT A Shame! I don’t even know her and this chick claims. YOU TREATED ME VERY BADLY. YOU HAVE OFFENDED ME BY STRANGERS. YOU HAVE DISAPPOINTED ME.

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"I followed you step by step. I did everything you told me. Even though I didn’t want to meet women too young, you told me to help Lina, who was penniless in Poland and I helped her. Today she has forgotten everything I have done for her. Her gratitude is 0 towards me. Then always you, because I had never been on your site you guaranteed me the moral quality of Tania. I gave you confidence. I went to France for her. I didn’t even like her very much but I wanted to follow your advice. I spent 1000,00euro. She always took her sister with her. I paid for everything including medicine, supermarket, expensive restaurants. She didn’t want to take a step. I came from Italy and I had to go to them with a deadly tiredness. This good person asks me for a son. I say no, she, after I’ve had everything I’ve told you, turns around and walks away. ... Read more »

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Our customers are different,like the trees in the forest.Some are optimist, some not. We are like the doctors- we work with all clients and try to understand them and find the dream lady to them.

"No one can say how long the war in Ukraine will last. Unfortunately, Ukraine was already the poorest country in Europe before the war. War inevitably brings death, destruction and misery. So the future of Ukraine is sadly marked.  Your work, in my opinion, could have a better success because it is not very stimulating for a young woman to think of having a future of peace and prosperity in Ukraine. But I sincerely do not understand, but here you have to be good with them, as these women do to demand, to give up a decent and handsome man, well-off. Wh ... Read more »

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