Good morning.
I have no words.
Definitely 2 beautiful photographs.
It always starts like this.
Then it always ends with 0 result.
We tried them all.
You know my thoughts well.
Who has serious intentions does not waste time and runs in Italy to me.
You can tell her who I am. Where I live. What I do. What I want.
You’re wasting your time.
If a woman wants a man and a better life, she runs after counseling youconclude this very long and boring letter by saying that from 3 to 7 June I am away on business.
I am sure at 1000000% that you will never come to Italy and that we do not meet.
Hardly wrong

People don’t know each other online. If she wants to know me, I wait for her in ... Read more »

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So difficult To Find A wife
It is very difficult for me, after years of getting used to being alone, to fall in love with a woman. Italian or foreign is the same. It’s not very easy to fall in love with women you meet .. But it’s not the same. After the sentimental disappointments with Italian women, there is always skepticism. Fear. Laziness. I often do not like it. I no longer have the desire of before. It’s enough for me to be serene and healthy. But maybe it’s just an excuse. A way not to risk. And who does not risk being happy, does not live. That’s why I need a woman who wants me 100%. A tsunami of beauty, sensuality and intelligence. In Italy I met only women  which did not fall in love with me

.You’re not ... Read more »

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I can accommodate you in my house. I’ll give you a bedroom with a private bathroom. Everything for you. The camera has an internal key, so you can and must lock yourself in. I don’t even touch you with a finger. Honestly, it’s not my behavior. In fact, I expect you to be safe with me. My children are in my house, too, each in their room. So for me you are only and exclusively a friend. Nothing more at least for the moment. I have 5 bedrooms in my house. 2 bedrooms are en suite. One is for you and one is for me. Breakfast in the kitchen. Lunch and dinner in the living room. Then everyone sleeps in their own bed. That’s my decision. I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. You pay for the return flight to Rome. Your entire holiday is ... Read more »

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