My dream is to live with my Ukrainian woman to love her, respect her, offer her everything I have. Let’s try Aliona. I’m interested in her. But she has to come here and see for herself that luck, thanks to liubov, has given her life meaning.
She is beautiful, young, but she needs a wealthy, handsome and intelligent man to live well.
I’m waiting for her with open arms.Today for an Italian woman it is almost impossible to live in a beautiful house like mine, for a woman Ukraine is unimaginable. There are those who after 30 years of hard work live in a small apartment. The Ukrainian woman (Lina or Karolina) can live in a villa with me after 1 day. Now that you have seen the videos, you must understand that you cannot live with me just any woman, but she must have the right characteristics typical of an elegant, sober and reserved person. We don’t have to rush, but you and I have to make the best choice. If I hadn’t had the health problem, Karolina had been living with me for a long time and she would have been happy with the choice.. If it’s impossible now, Karolina, then you find the best person to live with me in this environment. I detest vulgarity, betrayal, dishonesty, ignorance. I rely on your experience. Let us not err. It would be bad to send away a lady from Ukraine because she is not suitable. I want to give a better life to a Ukrainian woman. I have suffered too much for so many years. It’s time to dry the tears and start smiling. I need a woman who wants to love me and be next to me. A woman who loves the house. Find the right person. After a divorce, a separation, a job loss, a serious illness, I too have the right to live happily with a special woman. 
Thank you

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