I am 100% sure that Mila also wants children, she wants a luxurious life, a worldly life. I honestly don't care about a woman who has these needs. I prefer to stay single, enjoy my only children, travel alone, spend according to my real possibilities,Iam looking for a good woman.non-smoker woman : in Italy it is full of women who smoke and I do not smoke,
 woman without tattoos : in Italy is full of tattooed women and I do not like them if they are too big,
 Woman without too many piercings:  in Italy is full of women who have so many piercings and I like them only if they are few 

I am tired. I have nothing to reproach myself for.
I am a man mentally and physically is intellectually healthy. We are (Ukrainians and Ita ... Read more »

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I suffered too much for love because of the divorce when my 2 children just 18 months and 4 years left my house. Since then, I’ve totally changed my mind about women. I met hundreds and hundreds  women but I fell in love again only once with an Italian woman who lived with me and her daughter at my house for 4 years. She wanted a child from me and I decided to end the relationship with her permanently. It wasn’t easy but I’m not sorry. Since then I have lived a different life: father with my children and lots and only fun  in life. I have been in Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Santo Domingo, Russia, Ukraine, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Thaila ... Read more »

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You could earn at least 50,000.00 euros every year. But you can’t make your friends understand that not all men are equal. There are men who can change a woman’s fate. For example, if you give my cell phone number to Julia and she doesn’t know who I am, she sees 10, 20 photos and thinks she knows a man. I think you need a video all. You have to see people almost really, then even in person. If a man has a house worth 1 million euros and is humiliated by a person he does not know, you associate your name with that behavior. If you want to defend your work, you have to organize a video with you and then give the mobile number to each of the .Please write me what I should do.
If it’s possible, then I’m happy to do it.
If that&rsq ... Read more »

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