Kind of like her. But I want a woman who is down to earth, with her head on her shoulders, so much humility, sobriety and that I am for her the absolute priority.
I don’t care about the rest.
In Italy I know many women.
Even beautiful and rich. I returned to my home last night after 600km of travel. I start working with an Italian company of over 70 years of history that has 80 million euros per year. I got home at midnight tired. Today the time to have lunch with my son and mother and tomorrow morning at 4.00 I leave for Vienna and then I go to Varna in Bulgaria always for work. I have a full life. I don’t need a problem, I need a solution. Otherwise I’ll do without it. I can give up peacefully. In my travels always dressed in a su ... Read more »

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"I signed up on a site of your competitor and they sent me a mountain of letters and photos so many women. It certainly gratifies me. But I don’t care because I need trust and you are a serious person. I don’t let anyone in my house. If I don’t meet the person I love, it will never be a problem. I can have so many stories with so many different girls. In life you have to know how to take what is most appropriate. It is not a drama. You live the same. Often even better.

Believe me, there’s no point in wasting time, money and especially life for a woman. If a woman doesn’t want me, I can only wish her to meet the man I’m happy with. I always move on. I have to work hard. I have a full life. I am often away from home. I t ... Read more »

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Some my clients help a lot to Ukrainian ladies who left home and looking for the roof in another country because the war in Ukraine. Dear  ladias!. If you need such help you can write to us and our client John is ready to help you.

"Hi, my sister and I have a range of people that want to host Ukrainians in the UK. We have some rules here in UK that to host someone you must name some Ukrainians or an individual and they can then also bring their families. So if you know anyone that wants to come to UK let me know and we can arrange for a family to host them. We need different combinations of Ukrainians such as single person, married couple, woman and children, etc. Let me know if you know anyone that wants to come to UK and we wil ... Read more »

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