Dear our customers!. This letter is for you. We want to remind you that in our country  to present the flowers to yo ... Read more »

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 The girls from Ukraine are proud fo themself. Even now ,in difficult situation of war they are proud of themself. The letter of This client pruves this.

"Luba you are not the problem. The problem is the women you represent. I liked Lina a lot, but she had to be a more mature and determined person. I don’t care to pray to Lina. Of women like Lina, with some extra money, a house, a car, a good job in Italy is full. I thought Ukrainian women were more willing to change their lives and run into the arms of a handsome, wealthy, cultured and serene man. But these women are cocky. In Italy the Ukrainian women I met work as caregivers for elderly people, dishwasher, wash the floors. Nobody gives a job to them. Better they stay in Ukraine. Then u ... Read more »

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The beautiful and loyal woman who wants to come live with me will be my soul mate. I don't force anyone. Lina lost me, and she difficulty will have the same person in her life. If she was intelligent lady, she doesn't stay in Switzerland like refugee. And also when she come back to Ukraine, it's absurd to live over there for a young woman interested to find a man.

A simple nice woman I find it easy even in Italy. I’m looking for a beautiful woman, but with her head on her shoulders and her feet on the ground.
Otherwise, no one comes into my house.
Because it’s full for the weekend, and if I’m not interested, I’m not deluding anyone.

You always agree with me, but you propose women who in Italy don’t ... Read more »

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 have decided that my woman must be a mature person. So she must be 40 to 45 years old maximum. I am a man. I don’t need an immature girl. I want someone to share my life with, not just the bed. A woman with whom to have a dialogue, common goals, common choices. A woman who loves to cook for me. A woman who loves the house. A woman who wants stability, serenity, peace, respect and a normal life as a couple

Liubov to your customers you have to give these preliminary information:
I live alone (with my kitten) in this house in a city of 28,000 inhabitants 80km from Rome.
I already have two grown sons who don’t live with me, and I don’t want to have any more children. Of course if your client has 1 (no 2) child, I ... Read more »

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"I have deliberately seen your site and I am increasingly convinced that there is no woman (at least for what I see) who can be my life partner. You told me that you have a list, NOT PUBLIC BUT CONFIDENTIAL, of women that no one can see. If it’s not beautiful, sweet and elegant, it’s best to keep it in your archive. I would simply like you to see how I live in Italy and understand that Julia was a total moron, if this Julia exists and has a brain, because 99% for her will be impossible to have the life that I do, even for a few days. In a few days, if I don’t get anything from you, I’ll be on my way. I’ll never look for you again. I must have had a bad experience and my friends are definitely not stupid to repeat this kind of thing. ... Read more »

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