Meeting Tania was very helpful. She had the yves Saint laurent hat, the Dior jacket, the Armani shoes, the gucci bag ... And the empty wallet. ALL APPEARANCE. Italy is the country of fashion. We see at 1km. if a product is fake, if it is old ... This kind of woman is useless to me. It can be useful for marriage. Then I don't know what to do. Living in a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom garden house is a luxury. I want to build a relationship with a girl who cooks for me and for her, who is humble, grateful, intelligent. Tania seemed desperate to me that she asked me for money for medicines in the pharmacy, al. Supermarket to eat, but does not give up appearing. So these women, who are looking for an ATM in Italy, have never worked with me. Liubov, let's try to see ... Read more »

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I have a feeling that the war in Ukraine is not going to end anytime soon. I hope I'm wrong.  according to convenience. The Ukrainian people had to . . Diplomacy had to dialogue well and about everything.  Too many deaths to no avail. Broken lives. Families destroyed. Demolished houses. How long (years) will it take to rebuild the country? Whose money will the reconstruction be? Free? I don't think so unfortunately! And who lost their life? There will be weapons everywhere in Ukraine, so the country will not be safe. Also after. There are unexploded bombs in the fields ... Risks of radiation from nuclear power plants. I saw your beautiful country before the war. It was a poor country, but it had very beautiful things. A country that needed to be help ... Read more »

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You are helping these women far more than they can hope, because if they understand that their life can only change with a Western man, they will stop living as refugees and start a new life thanks to you.
Lina just wants the easy life. But no one can give her the easy life she wants. I believe that if she wants me it is because there is no one with whom she can get better, but I don't trust much.
Tania is a mystery. You told me that she is beautiful like Lina. She seems like a mature woman to me, so she won't miss her chance of hers.
Mila I don't know where she is. I was curious to know her.
In my life I have always wanted wealthy Italian women .. Now I think that building a future with a Ukrainian woman will be my goal.
We'll see.

I am trusting you and you are concretely helping a beautiful Ukrainian woman to change he ... Read more »

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