So pleasant to read the letters like this. Only pity that the letters like this do not come everyday.

"Greetings Luda
Thank you for all of the help and advice that you gave me during my visit in Kiev   I was so impressed of the quality and charm of the women that you introduced to me.  Their  serious intentions about marriage were never in doubt and I think I have found my true love in Elena.  She is the essence of femininity and natural beauty that I have so longed for over these many years.  I believe one more visit to Kiev will "seal the deal" and I hope you will be my trusted "wingman " by my side to insure  that all will be well.  Thank you so much for your help.  You are the best!! &n ... Read more »

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You have a lot of charm and a very beautiful smile, to have a woman like you by my side, to make you happy, even your beautiful face every day, would be the most beautiful thing that can happen to me in my life. I didn’t believe there could be such a beautiful woman in Ukraine who was looking for a European man. It is difficult to write to yourself while remaining objective and sincere. The first letter has a stranger whom long I would like to seduce is difficult. I am a 58-year-old widower, 1.83 / 81 kilograms, I raised my 2 children alone, my wife left us due to an illness when my children were still young. I have always worked in real estate, once I had a construction business, I sold this business 5 years ago, now I build homes that I sell to clients. I can ... Read more »

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Honestly for me Karolina is more beautiful.
My only fault was getting sick.
Now I am healed.
I’d like a woman for the rest of her life to live happily with me.
She must be happy to be my princess.
Living with me is a rare luxury and opportunity.
Talk to Karolina. Show the video.
Then do the same with Lina.
I decided not to be single anymore.
Whoever decides to come to my house will be happy all his life.

I have known many Ukrainian women. They just want money, they want to go shopping, they don’t want to cook. They are poor but they demand luxury.
I didn’t like most of them.
If you introduce me to a truly beautiful woman, but she must be a calm, patient, polite woman. But the b ... Read more »

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