"Dear liubov, mine is a curiosity. I would like to know Julia and Karolina, the only women I liked, which men will choose.
Being with me was obviously too little for them otherwise they would never give up.
I’m probably too ugly for them.
Or I’m too poor for them.
Or violent, dirty, ignorant...
I live in a house of 400sqm with garden. I also have a house by the sea with 4 bedrooms and four bathrooms.
A car. A job. Some money in the bank. I’m only 182cm tall weighing only 75kg. Green eyes. Graduate. I speak 4 languages. I have traveled to 60 foreign countries. I am sporty.. Skiing. Swimming, tennis,.. Basketball..
I’m nothing to your friends.
Who will live will see"

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You think that It is  easy to find a girl friend to the client?  No. It is very difficult. You only read the letter of our client and you will understand.

"I am very curious to meet Tania. I didn't understand why she didn't send me more photos. But if you say she is a very beautiful woman, I trust you. Tania seems very interested in me. We'll see


Dear Tania, I was pleased to meet you. I am very sorry that our paths will take a different direction. I wish you to meet a man with whom you will be happy and have children.
I don't want to have children. I will live my life and if it is destiny I will meet the woman with whom to share my life.
Thank you"

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I don't like Natasha in that photo. With the hair pulled back and with that dress that shows off the breasts in Italy it would be considered old-fashioned and even a bit vulgar. In the video, however, it is beautiful. I like it with loose hair forward. She has large breasts, very bursting, she does not need to show her breasts because they are not elegant. Yes, I want to know her. It seems very feminine to me. But it must be explained to her that a classy woman, a woman with charm, a sober woman dresses in a totally different way especially if she wants to be with me.

Dear Luba, thank you for your time. This woman has many qualities that I really like: she is tall, she has long legs, she has no children, she is not tattooed, she is not vulgar, she is above ... Read more »

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"I can accommodate you in my house. I’ll give you a bedroom with a private bathroom. Everything for you. The camera has an internal key, so you can and must lock yourself in. I don’t even touch you with a finger. Honestly, it’s not my behavior. In fact, I expect you to be safe with me. My children are in my house, too, each in their room. So for me you are only and exclusively a friend. Nothing more at least for the moment. I have 5 bedrooms in my house. 2 bedrooms are en suite. One is for you and one is for me. Breakfast in the kitchen. Lunch and dinner in the living room. Then everyone sleeps in their own bed. That’s my decision. I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. You pay for the return flight to Rome. Your entire holi ... Read more »

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Vika and Eric together from the begining of the war.They lives near Geneva. They are happy to be together and thankful to our agency that we presented them each to other. That why they sent this video to us. They are thinking about marriage in the future. But now the war and they waiting that one day  it will be finished. And only then they will speak about wedding. For now they enjoy life to be together.

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