Liubov, if Karolina, whom you wrote to me cannot become a mother, so she cannot bear children, she wants a man older than her of over 20 years, without having ever met him, she does not offend every time, she does not write that she does not want to receive messages. Even if all this were part of your character, it means that you have an impetuous, unstable, not very sweet character. And when a woman says that she is beautiful and does not want to cook,... Then I think you have every right to go to the restaurant with her  wallet..

-I told you about her because you told me you wanted to talk to her. She can’t be happy with a poor man. That’s your answer. I don’t have a problem. I’m interested in a smart woman. If she wants to talk to me again, she only has advantages. If you don’t care, it’s your problem. I live in well-being. I’ll make a woman happier and smarter than you. She’s just another woman. If she doesn’t ha ... Read more »

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Date in our agency. Only real girls and real meeting. No letters.

Finding Luda in Kiev was a godsend for me. She was referred by another American I met in Kiev rather accidentally. When this man, who has become a good friend to me in the States, introduced me I was skeptical. I thought I was satisfied with a website I was using…..but, frankly, there is no comparison between the site and Luba. The site turned out to be a money-grabbing scam, whereas Luda was the real deal. She is exactly was I needed! Her real time introductions were with HONEST, beautiful, intelligent and gracious women who were seeking a serious relationship with a man who would treat them with respect. Not only has Luda been a great resource, she has become a good friend. I hig ... Read more »

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I liked this letter of my client a lot. Serious attitude towards marriage. I think its very correct.

"Dear Liubov, I am going to give you a personal confidence. I will marry 100% my next woman with whom I will live. This is my wish. Above all, it is my free choice. But marriage will happen after years of living together. Not before. I will marry my next woman because she, when I die, applying an Italian law in favor of women widows, she will be entitled every month to 60% of my pension. So she, after my death, not before for the Italian law, will perceive for effect of the marriage with an Italian citizen, a sum (in my case of course, then everyone has different formulas) not less than 1.200,00€ per month. It is a decent sum to live peacefully ... Read more »

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Cremona a little town in Italia, but good restaurant there. And few hours more and will be Trieste. The best city of the world, because here lives loved woman. He has intuition that this date will bring him his dream woman.

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Do you remember when you was in a hurry to date? Which feelings  you had? Тнis is our client from France is going to meet  his future wife. We are sure that they will married, even this will be their first date. He made more then 1000 km in his car in order to see her. She  is refugee from Ukraine and now lives in Italia. We oresented them to each other few days ago( virtual),and now we see the result. We sure that it is Love. Real  Love. We hope to receive more video from them and we will publish  those news in our site.

Here he made the stop to have dinner.

... Read more »

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