Heart Broken


Ukrainian women are beautiful and sometimes can broke the heart to a man. But life is life.

"It’s a real shame that it ended so badly. My intentions were very serious. I wanted to create a love relationship with a Ukrainian woman. Now I have to forget Julia. It’s not easy for my sensitivity and my character. A little suffering. But I thought I’d met my soul mate. For me rejection is always painful because I hardly like a woman, because I was betrayed by my ex-wife, because I was left by my former Italian girlfriend for my refusal to have a child with her. That’s why  I tried to meet  my special woman.. When there’s no emotional involvement, feelings don’t exist. I’m gonna keep seeing women,  a special woman.It is not easy.. I guess I’ll be single for life, I’ll have lots oflove stories, but I’ll never have a woman to love again very strong,deeply and she loves me too. Lina would be an absurd relationship. She would want a child. So she and I will split up right away and end up fighting. Living in a huge house alone is not pleasant. But my life went like this. I have to be objective and accept my life with all my heart for what it is."

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