He Is Thankfull

"Dear liubov, for your information yesterday Alexandra wrote to me. She was kind. She is London. She sent me some photos. Honestly, she’s not my type of woman. I don’t want to waste any more time. You gave me a series of contacts.. It is useless to repeat how things went. We all have an opinion. Probably different. I no longer want to look for a Ukrainian woman. If it did not go according to the forecasts, it means that it is not in my destiny to love a Ukrainian woman. I hope for all of them to be happy with better men than me. I’m interested in a beautiful WOMAN, not an immature girl with a different life plan. That’s why I would have given 100% for Julia. She was the only woman who could have a stable and lasting relationship with me. But she doesn’t want me. Unfortunately. I like Lina very much, but she’s too young for me. Then she created a very strange situation with her that is not beautiful and not even simple. She’s 32 years old I’m 55 years old. Too much difference between me and her. I was looking for a tall and slender woman around 40 years old. I found nothing. In fact I would have given everything for Julia but her no is definitive. I apologize to you for the nervous these days. You did what you thought was right for me. You never found me the right person for me. No problem. I’ll find a very likely Italian woman.
Thanks again for everything"

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