Suffering Of Love


"You write me that Lina wants me and she writes me that she wants to come to my house with you. Then I write a reasoning using my bad English, because I think an expression in Italian, I translate it badly in English and she who is Ukraine the law in English but thinks in Ukrainian... And she writes to me that she no longer wants my messages and that I have mental problems. Do I seem to be able to bear this kind of appreciation?
I’m speechless. It’s all so absurd.
The first time something like this happens to me.
I can of course delete your mobile number, Lina’s mobile number, block both numbers so that you too can never have contact with me again.
What should I do?
You let me know.
Thank you

This morning I wrote to Lina inviting her to Italy. She wrote me that she is happy now and she has everything she wants .. For me it is a lie. Karolina is a spoiled, instinctive, pretentious child. She was too immature a person for me

.I told you about her because you told me you wanted to talk to her. She can’t be happy with a poor man. That’s your answer. I don’t have a problem. I’m interested in a smart woman. If she wants to talk to me again, she only has advantages. If you don’t care, it’s your problem. I live in well-being. I’ll make a woman happier and smarter than you. She’s just another woman. If she doesn’t have a brain. She’s not right. I want that she will come back to me."

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