Answer to Customer

 I want to answer to this client- Be always optimist and the destiny will smile to you.

"Liubov, I am so sorry for everything that happened to me with your friends.
I just wanted to meet a woman and then hang out to build a real relationship.
I was treated like an ATM, like a rejection, with contempt, with indifference.
I’m not ugly, mean, ignorant, rude, insensitive.
Never in my life have I experienced such a story.
I’m also willing to block our phone references. I’ll let you decide.
Lina’s vehemence. Tania’s contempt. Julia’s indifference. Alina’s lies.
A man like me who doesn’t like any woman in Ukraine is paradoxical.
Now you have given me a phone number of Alexandra who has no whatsapp. So I can not even write to her.
I have no positive feelings.
It may be that to all these women I am the worst man they have met.
Tell me what you want to do.
Let me know
Thank you"

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