I Am Alone

 Good morning.
I have no words.
Definitely 2 beautiful photographs.
It always starts like this.
Then it always ends with 0 result.
We tried them all.
You know my thoughts well.
Who has serious intentions does not waste time and runs in Italy to me.
You can tell her who I am. Where I live. What I do. What I want.
You’re wasting your time.
If a woman wants a man and a better life, she runs after counseling youconclude this very long and boring letter by saying that from 3 to 7 June I am away on business.
I am sure at 1000000% that you will never come to Italy and that we do not meet.
Hardly wrong

People don’t know each other online. If she wants to know me, I wait for her in Rome airport or central railway of Rome, because I do not know if from Ukraine can take off planes. She comes with me to my villa as my guest. We will have plenty of time to get to know each other better. If she dosn’t want to, I wish her all the best.--

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