So Difficult To Find Wife

So difficult To Find A wife
It is very difficult for me, after years of getting used to being alone, to fall in love with a woman. Italian or foreign is the same. It’s not very easy to fall in love with women you meet .. But it’s not the same. After the sentimental disappointments with Italian women, there is always skepticism. Fear. Laziness. I often do not like it. I no longer have the desire of before. It’s enough for me to be serene and healthy. But maybe it’s just an excuse. A way not to risk. And who does not risk being happy, does not live. That’s why I need a woman who wants me 100%. A tsunami of beauty, sensuality and intelligence. In Italy I met only women  which did not fall in love with me

.You’re not the problem.
The problem is these women who do not understand that they have met the person who can change their lives.
What do they do?
They miss the only chance they have.

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