The Door of His House Is Open For Her


I can accommodate you in my house. I’ll give you a bedroom with a private bathroom. Everything for you. The camera has an internal key, so you can and must lock yourself in. I don’t even touch you with a finger. Honestly, it’s not my behavior. In fact, I expect you to be safe with me. My children are in my house, too, each in their room. So for me you are only and exclusively a friend. Nothing more at least for the moment. I have 5 bedrooms in my house. 2 bedrooms are en suite. One is for you and one is for me. Breakfast in the kitchen. Lunch and dinner in the living room. Then everyone sleeps in their own bed. That’s my decision. I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. You pay for the return flight to Rome. Your entire holiday is my responsibility. If you do not trust. If you have doubts. If you’re not convinced it’s better that you don’t come. It’s better that you stay where you are. It’s very difficult for us to become a couple. It takes time. Mutual availability. Will. Interest of both. It is much easier that we can be friends. And I don’t touch a friend either as a joke, not even with a finger, especially in the presence of my children who are 22 and 19 years old. I would simply introduce you as a friend. I will wait for you at the airport at the international arrivals gate. And I always take you back to the airport always at the departure of international flights. If you do not believe me, leave it alone. Life is made of choices. You now have a choice. Do what you want.
It’s not my fault what you do, it’s your happiness.

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