Woman of Over 40 Years...


Let me write this message.
A woman of over 40 years who wants a relationship with a nice and decent man who is really interested in her and she has little time to send a message makes me definitely think....

If Angela doesn’t write to me anymore, I can only wish her happiness, but I’m not chasing any woman.

This person’s cell phone, Angela, is permanently disconnected. So she’s never online. At least on this number.
You probably have another number, or you’re not healthy, or you have other priorities.
You can give me an answer.
If you want of course

Dear Lyubov,
Angela is gone now.
I hope she’s okay.
If she doesn’t want to communicate with me anymore, I can’t and I don’t want to force her.
I filled her with beautiful phrases, photos and messages so I could wish her and meet her live. 
If there’s no future, I’m going my own way..

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