Misterios Lady

Good evening.
Forgive the sincerity : it seems very strange to me that a woman, although engaged, who through you tries to meet a man to create a relationship, does not have 1 minute to respond to a message. In Italy we say "good morning is seen from the morning".
What does this woman do?
I hope you at least have the time and courtesy to answer me.
In these 2 photos I like her very much. I like little makeup, I like non-fluorescent lipstick. However, please tell Angelina everything, I would like much more with slightly shorter hair. It would be much more elegant and more feminine

She would be even more beautiful if she had slightly shorter hair  (they are more elegant), without the red lipstick, and with the hair color not too yellow.
We Italians are experts in fashion, in style.
Details make a difference.
She has a beautiful mouth, and she is a slender woman.
Nature has been generous to her, but bearing makes all the difference in a woman.
I really want to meet her
I’ll see you soon.
I’ll let you know dear Lyubov.
Thank you

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