Dream Lady

The hardest thing is for 2 mature people to feel good together for a long time and in a healthy and civilized way. The simplest thing is to have fun for a moment without creating anything. For this type of experience it is not necessary to arrive in Ukraine or another country. If I have to commit to a woman, it must be an important story. Otherwise I do not waste time unnecessarily. Nor do I mock any woman. I can give a dignified life to a woman, in a beautiful country and in a decent house. The couple can be heaven or hell. For me it is important that all people are happy. If woman will be happy with another man, it will be beautiful all the same. Wishing others happiness, we realize our life.I a not in a hurry.

. All of them can be for me. Every time it’s the same sentence. I saw a picture of a face, nothing more. I should see at least 10 photos from today in France. Real photos. Then you will tell me something more about her.

I sincerely hope that you have lots of Western clients, all good men, who fall in love with all your Ukrainian women, so that these women have a better life and are really happy.
Life has been very generous to me. I am truly grateful for what I have received. 
Maybe it’s too much. But I am sure that I will meet my dream woman soon.

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