Angelina good evening.  Your mobile number was sent to me by Lyuba. I am Italian. I live 70km from Rome. You’re a very interesting person. I was very impressed by your elegance. I love real, real, honest people. I’d like to get to know you better if you want to, of course. I’m a very polite man. I can deal with a woman. I hate vulgarity. I am single and I want to write on stone a beautiful, healthy and lasting relationship. It will take time to get to know each other better. But the 10 km journey always begins with the first step. I will always have respect for you whatever the destiny that will characterize our encounter.
Have a nice day.
With deep and sincere respect.In which city does Angelina live now? How come she speaks all these foreign languages including Italian? Now what is her job? How tall is she? What is the day of his birthday (because I am incompatible with women of the zodiac sign of the lion and the scorpion!)? What studies did he do? Do you still have parents in Ukraine and have brothers and sisters? In which city in Ukraine were you born and lived? Have you been married in the past and to foreign or Ukrainian men?


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