I am Waiting Her

I do not think, without presumption, it is with much humility, that a woman (that you can really help by letting her enter my life or a decent man other than me) may be unlucky to live in Italy in a villa with garden and spend a month by the sea in a beautiful house 50 meters from the beach in a beautiful location.

I can meet both your women, but you have to tell me how much money you want because it’s more of a courtesy to you.
I’m sending you the video of my beach house.
I need a queen by my side. To live next to an elegant man you need to have style.
Living in a context of educated, wealthy people is not easy.
Vulgarity and bad taste are not appreciated.

If she’s interested in me, then you give me her cell number, and I’ll pay you.
Do not do as in the past, with other women, that you gave me the phone number, but they did not even answer the phone, 
Ask her what she wants to do first.
There is no hurry.
If she is not not the woman to share correspondence with, that’s fine.
We’ll find someone else.
You don’t have to be impatient or hurry.

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