Good morning. I repeat that from those 3 photos I had a good feeling about that woman, but I kindly asked you to see more photos of her. Recent. Real. Don’t touch it up. Let’s do something different from the past. Is she in love with me or is she yet another arrogant Ukrainian woman I have to endure? You didn’t even tell me her name. As long as I do not receive what I have repeatedly requested, I will not make any payments. Today everything here is closed. It is Sunday. It depends on you. , forget it. Tell me if it’s when this lady comes to Italy to meet me. Which city in France is she in? Answer me everything. Do not give me incomplete and partial answers.
want to have WhatsApp numbers for at least 2 of the ladies that I sent you before 
   I am not convinced that the ladies on your site are real- you will have to prove to me that they are.   
  You send me beautiful photos but you did not send me their profile numbers on the dating site.
     I will not send money to anyone  until I am convinced they are real .Only like this.



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