"I have deliberately seen your site and I am increasingly convinced that there is no woman (at least for what I see) who can be my life partner. You told me that you have a list, NOT PUBLIC BUT CONFIDENTIAL, of women that no one can see. If it’s not beautiful, sweet and elegant, it’s best to keep it in your archive. I would simply like you to see how I live in Italy and understand that Julia was a total moron, if this Julia exists and has a brain, because 99% for her will be impossible to have the life that I do, even for a few days. In a few days, if I don’t get anything from you, I’ll be on my way. I’ll never look for you again. I must have had a bad experience and my friends are definitely not stupid to repeat this kind of thing. I’d just like to see where Julia lives, what she does for a living, what she does for a bank account, who she chooses as Prince Charming to laugh at after she suffers her rudeness, hubris,... She will probably find some desperate person who will tell her a lot of lies to have fun with her, but she will definitely not take care of someone else’s child at her house and after some time, she is thrown out of the house together with her son. I believe in the principle of cause and effect. Whoever spits at heaven, I spit at him from heaven. In the next few days at most, dear liubov, our paths will most likely part definitively. I’m humanly sorry for my outburst, but I didn’t deserve to be humiliated by these people, whom I don’t know and whom you wanted to present to me with all moral guarantees, when it was enough to ask for money and I would have helped you or others, as for the zoo, without wanting to meet anyone and waste time unnecessarily. Now when I hear about Ukrainians, except that war will not end soon unfortunately, I think only of people who are able to take advantage in a shabby and worthless way."

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