Lina Told "No" to Him


 The girls from Ukraine are proud fo themself. Even now ,in difficult situation of war they are proud of themself. The letter of This client pruves this.

"Luba you are not the problem. The problem is the women you represent. I liked Lina a lot, but she had to be a more mature and determined person. I don’t care to pray to Lina. Of women like Lina, with some extra money, a house, a car, a good job in Italy is full. I thought Ukrainian women were more willing to change their lives and run into the arms of a handsome, wealthy, cultured and serene man. But these women are cocky. In Italy the Ukrainian women I met work as caregivers for elderly people, dishwasher, wash the floors. Nobody gives a job to them. Better they stay in Ukraine. Then unfortunately the streets are full of Ukrainian, Russian, Albanian, Romanian women. . I’m so sorry for them. The world is cruel. Only Intel people will be happy. Lina will never be happy. She’s not smart. But it’s not your problem. It’s not mine either.  . A man needs a beautiful woman who runs to him and he will make her live well. Otherwise women to have fun is full. You just have to choose"

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