Looking for Soul Mate

The beautiful and loyal woman who wants to come live with me will be my soul mate. I don't force anyone. Lina lost me, and she difficulty will have the same person in her life. If she was intelligent lady, she doesn't stay in Switzerland like refugee. And also when she come back to Ukraine, it's absurd to live over there for a young woman interested to find a man.

A simple nice woman I find it easy even in Italy. I’m looking for a beautiful woman, but with her head on her shoulders and her feet on the ground.
Otherwise, no one comes into my house.
Because it’s full for the weekend, and if I’m not interested, I’m not deluding anyone.

You always agree with me, but you propose women who in Italy don’t look at them. And these women are also pretentious. Arrogant. Unreliable. Lina was the only woman I really liked. She missed her opportunity to live with a handsome man. In a villa with garden near Rome. In Italy. Are you sure she will have the same luck again? She had to be more humble, more intelligent and take care of me and the house. Her life would be better. Instead he is scr his future on the water. Nothing will remain. Only regrets Maybe no.Who knows?

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