Which One The Best?

"Luba, today I made a long drive in Italy and after 580km I returned to my home. A little tired, but serene. And that’s what counts. I can meet both Ukrainian women you asked me to meet, but it depends on how much money I have to spend with you. Why? Because I spent a lot of time and I didn’t accomplish anything. I even lost time. The 35 year old girl who is in Naples I could meet her because she is near my house. In 1 hour is 30 minutes by car arrival in Naples. Even with the train it takes the same time. Then we will eventually see. It all depends on where this girl is located, in which part of the city. If you live in Naples or out of town. What is your name? Do you live alone in Italy?
But I think that the woman of 42 years, I can no longer remember the name, is more suitable for me, for maturity, age, for how she dresses, to have a more reserved attitude and not as a seductress. So probably the choice is about the woman who lives in Vienna and is not a refugee. But I don’t want to rule anything out.
I have always asked you for a beautiful woman from 40 to 45 years old, elegant, feminine, cultured, reserved, tall, thin, with a good sweet character, calm, smiling.
You have to tell that 35-year-old girl that she’s too in front of the mirror. It would be much more important if she had a good job, a nice house, money in the bank. Instead she thinks of arousing interest in men because she moves with her mobile phone in front of the mirror and dresses provocatively. Men, with drool at the mouth, desire this kind of woman, but not for a long time. Then if they have to build their own lives, men look for another kind of woman, like the 42-year-old woman in Vienna. But you’re not the only woman to make that mistake. Lina is so many others have made bad choices and in the future they will no longer have the chance to have the same luck."

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