She Told Him" No"

Our beautiful women are proud of themself. And very often they say "No" to the men if they do not like those men. Our women have the right to choise.Yes.

"Liubov, I am very sorry to say these things to you ( but you guaranteed me on the seriousness of this person..) but a woman you told me is interested in me, she disappears, without even saying... Sorry, I’m busy or I’ll talk to you later... Is that your message of welcome? If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t even have answered the phone.... A mature woman of almost 40 years of a country in war that is becoming the poorest country in Europe and among the poorest in the world... When I met Tania I wondered why I was there. I wasted money and time unnecessarily... I don’t want to repeat this squalor. If this person does not contact me, I will delete his mobile number. You should give guarantees to your customers. But I don’t think I got what I deserved. Of course I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. But you don’t behave like that. It seems to me a bit of a catch. Yet another one. There will be no more. There is a beginning and an end to everything.

Liubov, I wrote the messages you saw to Julia. I sent all the photos you saw. She never answered. If she wants to communicate with me, I’ll be happy to meet her. If she’s not interested, if she doesn’t have time, I don’t run after anyone.
As they say in Italy :"Good morning is seen from the morning".

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