Love Comes Itself

"Dear Luba good morning. Love  comes when it happens. It comes for everyone. Nobody can decide when. No one can even decide to fall in love with a person. Of course you can introduce two people, but they freely decide whether they want to continue the knowledge or stop their knowledge. People fall in love ugly, rich, poor, fat, tall, ignorant, elegant. It doesn’t matter the age difference, religion, money. If it is true love, everything is overcome. It is important, indeed decisive, that a person wants to be a couple. When a person looks for his or her half, he or she finds something. Maybe that’s not what he wants, but it’s a good start. The relationship is built with time, but above all with the desire not to lose the person that life has made us know. Your Ukrainian women probably think that I am little for them and they deserve much more (for example Lina and Victoria who are the only ones I liked),, but maybe it is not the right choice for them. Or they will be very lucky (for example Lina) that they have found true great love. I now have so much. Children, health, family, homes, cars, work, money, friends. So I’m in no hurry to find love. If it happens I will be happy, otherwise I will still be grateful to my life that has been very generous with me.
Thank you"

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