He Seeks Lady Only 35+


"I followed you step by step. I did everything you told me. Even though I didn’t want to meet women too young, you told me to help Lina, who was penniless in Poland and I helped her. Today she has forgotten everything I have done for her. Her gratitude is 0 towards me. Then always you, because I had never been on your site you guaranteed me the moral quality of Tania. I gave you confidence. I went to France for her. I didn’t even like her very much but I wanted to follow your advice. I spent 1000,00euro. She always took her sister with her. I paid for everything including medicine, supermarket, expensive restaurants. She didn’t want to take a step. I came from Italy and I had to go to them with a deadly tiredness. This good person asks me for a son. I say no, she, after I’ve had everything I’ve told you, turns around and walks away. Then Alina that I did not want because young but you say that she is a smart woman... A 5-minute videocall. She looks at me and tells me I’m beautiful. She wants to come to me and then she disappears. And I keep trusting you. I really like Julia. You tell me she’s convinced. I believe you. I hope it’s the right time. She answers me with a word that she doesn’t have time for me.... Do you think it’s fair that I’m slightly upset about this? 

I remember you proposed a 26-year-old girl to me. Beautiful. It was a meaningless story for me. I told you it had to be at least 35 years old. You never hear who’s talking to you, you decide for me, and I’m not happy with what you did. So to keep quiet, you tricked me to Julia. A rude girl who I hope will starve in Kiev or warm the bed to some asshole, who after having fun sexually, throw it away as she does with other people. You know what he wrote me in his first message :" sorry but I don’t have time, I’m busy '
Then she just disappeared.
If I’m angry it’s because"

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