He Is Not Optimist


Our customers are different,like the trees in the forest.Some are optimist, some not. We are like the doctors- we work with all clients and try to understand them and find the dream lady to them.

"No one can say how long the war in Ukraine will last. Unfortunately, Ukraine was already the poorest country in Europe before the war. War inevitably brings death, destruction and misery. So the future of Ukraine is sadly marked.  Your work, in my opinion, could have a better success because it is not very stimulating for a young woman to think of having a future of peace and prosperity in Ukraine. But I sincerely do not understand, but here you have to be good with them, as these women do to demand, to give up a decent and handsome man, well-off. What do they think they will find the world at their feet? You will see that many of them will have a bad and narrow end. They will eat their hands for regrets."

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