Mark Seeks Religious Girl


Attention to religeous girls!. We have a customer from Finland. His name is Mark. he is 34 years old, never married, educated. He is looking for marriage only religious girl.

 In his letter he wrote some his thoughts.

"But these highly christian believing women will also need a believing man or a very compatible man, as they can become very vulnerable with bad men. I understand that they will be very submissive, weak and highly co-operative women, who will need a man who will submit to and obey God themself. This way the relationship can be very succesful and happy with a right man.

To be honest, amount of believing men is still very small, but I think in western countries increasing amount of western men are looking to return to the christian faith and God. It will be important for you to always ask the women if they are religious and how regularly the participate to church activities or pray. For small amount of men this would be very important to know, but I understand that you cant often give all details to the man yourself, but so that you can match more compatible men and women.

I have talked with some ukrainian women who have come to our countries and Im pleased that with them the christian faith will also awaken, as many of these women will marry only believing christian men, who will give themselves to God."

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