My Wishes

 The most important it is a feeling. I could be wrong of course. I’ve never met anyone you’ve proposed. To know a person takes a long time. I am 56 years old. I am a very nice man, but I am not only looking for beauty, but above all a smart woman, mentally stable and able to be with me to create a solid relationship. and lasting. A flash of straw is not needed. I have to think. I will tell you my decision. If this 35-year-old woman shows up like this in Italy, she finds someone to take her to bed, and then for her, it’s almost certain that it will end badly. My woman has to be beautiful just for me

The woman who wants me, she must concretely demonstrate 100% interest and loyalty with actions not words. Lina will hardly find a man like me with whom she could be happy. Tania was much more determined. She wants to meet me and Tania likes me. 

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